Find your graduate mechanical engineer job. Learn about day to day responsibilities, starting salaries and much more.

Mechanical Engineers harness a range of scientific, engineering and mathematical disciplines to develop products, designs and processes.

Mechanical Engineers apply their broad understanding of a range of scientific, mathematical and engineering subjects and apply them to the development of processes, products and designs of all shapes, sizes and applications. Mechanical Engineering is broad field, requiring the Engineers themselves to have a wealth of knowledge and competencies in different fields.

Graduate Mechanical Engineers can work on anything from engines and machinery to construction products and even medical designs. The breadth of the work undertaken in a Mechanical Engineering career can be fascinating and an exciting project for prospective graduates to envisage. They can also be involved in the application and development of new materials and new technologies.

One thing to remember for graduates considering a career in Mechanical Engineering is that their degree is very important. While the variations of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering degrees can be quite broad and specialist, graduates will need to have a relevant degree to pursue a career in this area. This is because of the excessive demands placed on the variety of knowledge and understanding that Mechanical Engineers need to apply on a daily basis.

Mechanical Engineer Salaries

The average starting salary for a graduate Mechanical Engineer is £24,765. This is a fantastic starting salary for graduates to earn and will only grow as graduates specialise or progress up the ranks at an organisation. The comparison also shows that graduate Mechanical Engineers earn similar salaries to other Engineering disciplines

In a field like Mechanical Engineering, graduates can also gain Chartered Status which will only increase their earning power and add to career progression. This is something that can be offered as part of a Graduate Scheme or early employment.

The Daily Duties of a Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineers tend to operate on a project-by-project basis, this means there daily duties can vary day to day and month to month, depending on their responsibilities on the project and the status of the project. This can be exciting for graduates looking for a career that is constantly developing and always changing. Here are few of the daily duties graduates can expect to do as a Mechanical Engineer:

  • Conducting research - Before embarking on any project or design, Mechanical Engineers need to put days, weeks and sometimes months' worth of research into the project. This is ensuring they are have a full understanding of how a certain development will work or how it will be installed, any environmental factors will be taken into account. This is also to ensure they fully understand the science, engineering and mathematical practices that might apply too.
  • Developing designs - This is the main focus of a Mechanical Engineer's time and day. They are focused on applying a range of scientific, mathematical and engineering concepts to products and designs. This could include anything from thermodynamics to machinery and everything in between. Graduates will be required to draw on their wealth of knowledge to succeed in developing designs.
  • Project Management - Mechanical Engineers can be required to manage projects that they are leading on. This will involve a range of delegation, organisation, communication and team working skills. Project management may also involve Mechanical Engineers working 'in the field', whether this is building sites, docks or anywhere their skills are in demand.
  • Reviewing performance - Mechanical Engineers are required to develop and produce these designs, products or processes, but they can also be required to review the effectiveness of certain products or processes. This might be to improve output, efficiency, old technology or other areas of improvement that might be necessary.
  • Testing - Some of the work that Mechanical Engineers undertake can be highly dangerous and so it is vitally important that they test and make sure products are safe for the public. This is also to make sure that they work too and the client or organisation is getting the specified process or product.

Graduate Careers in Mechanical Engineering can be extremely exciting and varied for the graduates who have the necessary skills and understanding to make careers in this field. The rewards are also there for graduates who can not only earn fantastic salaries, but get the opportunity to work on some cutting edge projects.