Find your graduate marketing executive job. Learn about day to day responsibilities, starting salaries and much more.

Marketing Executives are responsible for promoting their client's or company's product or services to their target audience.

Marketing Executives or Assistants can be found in almost all types of organisations and they are tasked with helping promote that organisation's service, product or campaign. Whether working in-house or at an agency, they are responsible for harnessing a range of initiatives and strategies to help achieve this aim in targeting their specific audience.

In the role of a Marketing Executive graduates will look to mix innovative and traditional forms of marketing to attract their target audience to invest in their product, service or awareness campaign. Whether this is encouraging people to shop through them, to sign up to their service or to be aware of a new public information campaign. This could be through a range of direct, indirect and digital marketing strategies.

Some of the strategies that Marketing Executives use will vary depending on the target audience. For example, when targeting younger people, Marketing Executives or Assistants may look to harness more digital and social media into their marketing strategies. While if Marketing Executives are focusing on targeting other businesses they may adopt more direct and email marketing initiatives.

This is a popular avenue of employment for graduates who can often find the skill set they've developed while at university very applicable to the demands of the role. Marketing Executives need to have fantastic communication skills, be highly organised and able to understand their target audience and how their company or client relates to them.

Marketing Executive Salaries

The average starting salary for a graduate Marketing Executive is £19,982. This is a fantastic starting salary for graduates to begin their careers on and graduates can expect this to grow as they develop their own specialism in the field.

This is also great news for graduates as many companies love employing graduates into Marketing Executive and Assistant positions because of their current skills and the versatile approach they often take to the duties.

The Daily Duties of a Marketing Executive

The daily duties of a graduate Marketing Executive will vary depending on numerous impacting factors. The duties will depend on the sector they are working in, what their client or company do, what service or product they are offering and what speciality they are joining to help facilitate. Graduates can expect to learn a lot when they first join and be expected to grow in their role towards specialising and taking control of marketing projects.

Here are a few of the daily duties graduates can expect to do day-to-day as a Marketing Executive:

  • Competitor Analysis - In a difficult and competitive field, Marketing Executives need to have a close, beady eye on competitors. This means paying close attention to their marketing initiatives and their products or services that may see business move away from their own client or company.
  • Constructing Marketing Strategies - Marketing Executives will work in part of a team to create effective and innovative strategies to drive customers to the businesses aims. Using a range of strategies they will hope to bring to attention their client or company to the minds of a carefully honed audience. Whether the end game is to convert more sales, to increase sign ups on a database or get people to attend a publicity event, this is the main focus of a Marketing Executives role.
  • Events and Trade Shows - Marketing Executives are often expected to attend and sometimes exhibit at industry events and trade shows. This will involve more direct and personal approach for marketing their business aims. Graduates should also expect to be involved in the work that goes into these events and trade shows. This could be creating an attractive stand with promotional materials to give away or booking and organising an event for promotional aims.
  • Producing Materials - A part of marketing and the responsibility of Marketing Executives might be to create promotional materials. This could be leaflets, flyers, brochures, presentations or anything similar with the same aim of driving attention to their company or client.
  • Social Media - Social Media has grown to be a massively important part of marketing and Marketing Executives would be wise to increase their understanding of the medium and its benefits for marketing aims. Using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms can be a real weapon in the graduate Marketing Executive's arsenal.
  • Target Audience Research - The success of any strategy or campaign put together by Marketing teams will depend entirely on the research and understanding they have of their target audience. Marketing Executives can spend hours, days even weeks trying to understand their ideal customer and working out ways they can directly target them and convert them into sales, sign ups or whatever the business aim is.
  • Working with Other Departments - Marketing departments and teams often work in conjunction with numerous other departments in their business. This is so they can better understand the service or product they are promoting as well as to ensure they are both striving for the same aim. Marketing Executives can often find themselves working with Sales teams or Development teams to understand the product better or to discuss the successes of particular products or services to help improve for future initiatives.

Graduates can achieve great success in marketing as Marketing Executives or Assistants. Many graduates have the communication and team working skills necessary to be able to enter the role and apply their enthusiasm to be a success. The career path is also very rewarding and graduates can take great satisfaction from being able to help the business meet its aims and make particular products or services a big success for the organisation.