Find your graduate logistics manager job. Learn about day to day responsibilities, starting salaries and much more.

Logistics Managers are the organisational brains behind the relocation and transportation of stock and products.

Logistics Managers are those tasked with making sure the right products are in the right place at the right time, and for the best price to their employer. Logistics Managers are the incredibly organised people who are able to ensure shipping and delivery happens on time and to the right place. Graduates who pursue a career in Logistics also have to content with issues with delivery, perishable food stuffs for example.

It has also been known for Logistics Manager to have to deal with things like storage and warehouse management as part of their daily duties. The best kind of Logistics Manager is able to anticipate market trends and seasonal selections to ensure enough stock is in place to be sold when the demand arises. Whether this is a heat wave and the need for BBQs or making sure everyone has a turkey at Christmas, Logistics Managers are always one step ahead.

The role can be extremely pressured and, for example, Retail companies need Logistics Managers to make sure they are competing in a fierce market. For a graduate to consider a career in this field, while no specific degree is usually required, graduates need to be highly analytical to help process stock levels and use data to map out where future trends may take them and make allowances for it. Obviously, graduates would be wise to show they are highly organised and able to meet tight deadlines when it is required.

Logistics Manager Salaries

The average starting salary for a graduate Logistics Manager is £30,000. This is an excellent starting salary for graduates and will only increase as graduate begin to take on more responsibility as part of their role. This is also a fantastic salary to be earning in the Distribution and Logistics sector, where they can also find a rewarding and challenging career path.

The Daily Duties of a Logistics Manager

The daily duties of a Logistics Manager are often exciting and unpredictable. As the organising overseers of distribution they are always facing new and difficult challenges on a daily basis and being forced to think of solutions to these problems. While life as a Logistics Manager is exciting because of this, the role can also be extremely stressful and pressurised.

Here are a few of the daily duties that graduate Logistics Managers may face:

  • Analysing and Reviewing figures - The role of a Logistics Manager is extremely analytical and requires graduates to spend a lot of time analysing figures. This could be incoming stock levels, outgoing stock levels, delivery schedules, prices, sales figures or any other type of data. This requires close attention to be paid to the detail and a strong grasp of maths.
  • Contracts - Logistics Managers can be sometimes relied upon to help set up supply chains for businesses to get their stock to its destination for example. Logistics Managers will be tasked with arranging contracts with freight or lorry firms. It will require the Logistics Manager to have a close eye on costs and achieving their designated delivery specifications.
  • Coordinating Staff - As a Logistics Manager, graduates can sometimes be looked upon to manage members of staff. Whether this is people in a warehouse, lorry delivers or contacts within places like the post office. Coordinating members of staff to effectively meet deadlines and ensure stock is moving the way it should be.
  • International Considerations - The world is a smaller place now, and Logistics Managers are part of bringing people together. But as international shipping is such a regular occurrence Logistics Managers need to be aware of the impacts of shipping abroad and regulations on trading outside the European Union for example.
  • Monitor Order Cycle - As mentioned before, the role of Logistics Managers is as fast paced as it gets. They are sometimes required to keep tabs on the stages of orders and the progress they are making. This might be a little more apparent in larger scale operations in supermarket or high street stores for example.
  • Stock Considerations - Similar to analysing figures, graduate Logistics Managers may be task with keep stock afloat and ensuring stock levels are always maintained. This is especially necessary in seasonal periods where everyone is rushing for BBQs in the summer or Turkeys at Christmas. Logistics Managers assure stores they are one-step ahead with timely delivers of products in demand.

Logistics Managers are busy people. They are always checking the latest trends, stock levels, delivery progress, sales updates and so on. But for graduates who are looking for a challenging career this role can be ideal. Logistics Managers are looked upon to be the most organised and calm under pressure, as well as possess an analytical mind.