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  • Graduate Sales Executive

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    Interview process

    On the initial phone interview. I was asked a serious of ten questions with a minute to answer each given question. The first few questions were basic and ones that you would expect to be asked in such an interview, questions like why did i apply for the role, what can i tell them about the company, why do i want to pursue a career in sales etc. After this the questions were ones i did not expect and did not plan for however did answer them comfortably. Questions were things like outside your academic achievements what is your greatest achievement? When have you had an idea and followed through with it?

    Most difficult question

    What are your weaknesses? I always find this a difficult question, however recently i have decided this can be easily answered and even turned into a positive. Being a graduated my obvious weakness is my lack of experience in the sales sector, however you can then state how you feel the skills in which you have acquired through both university and any previous work experience can be fully utilized within your chosen sector.

    Interview tips

    I think preparation is essential when it comes to interviews, three things you need to know inside out. Why it is you want to pursue a career in your chosen industry, why it is you are suitable for that role and you need to have a clear and good understanding of the company you are applying for. I also recommend to be relaxed and just be yourself, at the end of the day if your not the right person for the organization, then they weren't right for you.

    Experiences at the assessment centre

    There were 12 of us altogether, we were split into two groups. The first group went of to do a team exercise whilst we were taken to a separate room to do a numerical test. The test was split into two sections, the first section being basic maths and the second being more scenario based. We were given around 30 minutes to complete it. Once this was done we went into another room to carry out the group exercise, we basically were given 10 options as to what we felt were important characteristics of a great sales person. We then as a group had to discuss and rank these qualities. 1 being the most important and 10 being the least. It was basically an exercise to see how well we communicated and put our point across. I personally felt it was a well constructed task and related well to the job in which we were applying for. Surprisingly after that we were sent home and there were no further interviews, i was quite surprised we were not interviewed individually given the size of the company.

    Interview steps


    • Phone
    • 1:1
    • Group / Panel
    • Senior Management
    • Video


    • Numerical
    • Personality
    • Verbal reasoning
    • Psychometric


    • Assessment centre
    • Group exercise
    • Background check
    • Presentation
    • Competency based questions

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