Internships & Work Placements 2018

It has never been more important to get work experience before you start your career. An internship or work placement in 2018 is the perfect way to show employers your skills, enthusiasm and potential.

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Why do an internship in 2018?

According to High Fliers Research, over 90% of the best graduate employers say students and graduates without work experience will face severe difficulties landing a graduate job in the future. Instead, employers want graduates who have undertaken real work experience and can make an instant impact.

Another reason graduates and students should try an internship during the summer or after they graduate is because they provide the opportunity to try different sectors, industries and roles. Internships help inform students and graduates about the reality of some careers, which may be different to how they imagine.

Many employers use internship programmes as an extended interview process. Students who impress and are successful on internships or summer programmes can be offered a place on the company's graduate scheme - especially in Finance, Law and Accounting.

If a student or graduate undertakes an internship or work placement in 2018, they will start to explore the possibilities that lay before them. One of the understated benefits of an internship or work placement is that it gives students and graduates a taste of what the working world, and that specific career, might be like. For some it might show them the career is not for them, while for others it can be added inspiration for pursuing that dream.

Internship Opportunities in 2018

Internships are growing in all areas with some sectors showing a particular expansion in opportunities. The High Fliers report for 2016 showed the biggest increase in internship places was found in Consulting, which rose by 27.3%. Other sectors looking to grow their internship intake include Banking and Finance, Public Sector and Retail.

How to find an internship, summer internship or work placement?

Traditionally for big employers, the time to apply for summer internships and vacation schemes is in the autumn for the next summer. The application period will last a similar time to graduate schemes, but often closer sooner so watch out for deadlines. However, internships in 2018 can be available all year round.

The application process for internships in 2018 will follow traditional job processes, including but not limited to application forms, phone interviews, assessment days and one-on-one interviews.