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How do you get a graduate job in government?

Working in politics and government can be as competitive and tough as the infamously tough industries such as the media. You have to demonstrate a vast knowledge of not only current politics but historically as well. A degree in Politics is by no means essential, nor is it a hindrance, it will however, need to be of at least a 2:1 grade for most government or public bodies to take you on board.

What can I expect to be doing working in government?

As with most competitive sectors, the most common method that graduates work their way into a political career is via internship as an MP's assistant. This means doing admin work, composing press releases and keeping the diary of the MP, acting as their aid. Once the internship is complete and if you did a good job you may be asked to stay on in a full-time paid position.

Career progression

Some Government graduate jobs start with the candidate working as an MP's assistant, if you are not luck enough to receive one of these role immediately then many graduates before have turned to a politically related position for a year before heading back towards the MP's assistant applications. This job could be something like a Lobbyist for a political lobbying agency/firm, it shows keenness and a decent awareness and handling of the modern political world.

The challenges

Long hours, a lot of hard work and be able to deal with stress are all key components of a political career and this is true from the start in a government graduate job. If it was you love though, this should be little sacrifice.

Expected salary

After the internship period, graduates in government can expect to start earning quite competitive salaries immediately, anywhere between £25,000 and £30,000. Later down the line government official earn significantly more.