TRM Recruitment

TRM Recruitment will provide you access exclusive graduate opportunities that will enable you to realise your unique career goals in the recruitment sector

Every graduates career motivations are unique to that individual and we are fully aware that only a select minority of recruitment firms will satisfy these unique motivations sufficiently to genuinely fulfil your ambitions . TRM recognises this and can help you.

We represent graduates, and by represent, we mean REPRESENT in the same way a sports agent would represent their clients

What type of Recruitment company do you want to work for?
• One with international travel?
• A start up in the tech recruitment market ?
• FTSE 250 Recruitment business ?
• A Sunday times best company and award winning graduate scheme?
• How about executive search?

Recruitment in undeniably one of the most exciting and rewarding careers available. In what is now a global job market, the options for graduates have never been greater.