Recruitment Squared Ltd

So what makes you so special...?

• For a start we're run by a young, friendly bunch of people who are fun to talk to about serious finding a job!
• Our client list is pretty special. We work with FTSE 250 companies, financial institutions, leading media firms and several charities.
• Our service is bespoke; we interview EVERY candidate that goes on to be placed. We'll also guide you through every step of the recruitment process.

Great! How do I get started?

• Apply to our job ads on this site
• You will also be able to upload you CV as a word document or PDF on our website. This will be sent directly to our consultants.
• It's also worth checking out our vacancies page for that job of your dreams.
• Please note that all qualifications will be instantly verified with universities, schools and colleges.
• Please also bear in mind that we receive several hundred CVs every month so replying personally to every single one is challeng

OK, what sort of jobs do you have?

• We find both temporary and permanent work for our candidates.
• Our key sectors are: Finance, Media, Logistics, IT and Recruitment.
• Recruitment Squared is growing fast so if we float your boat - give us a call and tell us how well you could fit in!