A Journalism degree can open doors into many different careers which graduates may not have considered. Getting a job in the field of Journalism can be difficult, but graduates from this discipline have a range of skills and experiences which are useful in a variety of sectors, not just Journalism and the Media.

What can a Journalism Graduate do?

The obvious choice for graduates with a degree in Journalism is to pursue a career as a journalist with a newspaper, magazine, or in the media. This can be far easier said than done, the field is highly competitive, openings for entry-level positions are rare, and there is no distinct route from graduation into working as a journalist. Work experience is often mandatory, as is industry insight and the ability to network.

Journalism graduates who decide not to go directly into journalism should consider what they have learnt on their course and how those skills might be beneficial in other sectors. Fields such as Advertising and PR, Digital Media and Marketing utilise many of the same skills as Journalism - writing, research and the ability to communicate with an audience are all essential.

Other roles which build on the mix of communication and research can also be good options for Journalism graduates, including Banking, Consultancy and Recruitment. In these sectors, employers look for sociable graduates who are able to research companies, advise on financial decisions, and source and maintain clients.

Taking Stock of Skills

Journalism degrees prepare graduates with a range of skills which are valuable across the board:

Communication - Whether it is written or spoken, Journalism graduates will have worked hard during their time at university to perfect their communication skills, a real asset in any role.

Investigation - Investigative skills can be essential for roles which require graduates to be ahead of the curve. Many fields look for applicants who know where to get information and who can use that intelligence to inform decisions and actions.

Punctual - Deadlines are everything in Journalism, and the ability to work within a specific time frame is an essential skill in virtually any field. A Journalism graduate should highlight their ability to work to deadline while maintaining a high standard.

Research - Research skills are an important part of day-to-day work in many careers, and any self-respecting Journalism graduate will know how to hunt down and apply relevant information needed for a project or task.