Gen Y - Because you're worth it

After an interesting discussion, it has come to my attention that Generation Y has topped the 75 million mark, quite a significant figure.

So who are Gen Y? Well, if you see an individual always on their phone, have a laptop/tablet with them and constantly checking into locations with Foursquare or Facebook Places, then they are pretty much guaranteed to be Gen Y. However, it is not the increased world awareness due to technology that has brought my attention to Gen Y, nor is it simply how connected Gen Y are. No. What has caught my attention is the fact that employers are now trying their upmost hardest to adapt their recruitment to attract and more importantly, retain Gen Y talent.

In roughly 20 years or so, Gen Y will represent roughly half the workforce in most countries. With a generation that is used to constant change, are full of ambition and have unlimited energy (well, most of the time), it is no wonder that employers are keen to adapt their recruitment strategies in order to keep Gen Y talent engaged, fuelled and challenged. Many companies have found it hard to keep this talent, many of which have only just entered the job market. Some make the mistake in thinking all the motivations of Generation Y are financial. As a Gen Yer myself, I can say that this is not a priority of mine and typically, not of others either. Other motivations are higher up on the list such as relationships, taking real responsibility, ethical behaviour and even the opportunity to help others and volunteer are all things that Generation Y take to heart.

Of course, I am not saying that all Gen Yers are the most ethical out of everyone, but times are changing and so are employer views. It is important to note to graduates that you do not have to job hop in order to gain the best career experience or development. My advice? Most employers have adapted their talent strategy in order to keep you, invest in you and retain you. Therefore, take advantage of the situation. Use your increased responsibility to stamp your unique mark within the company, use the training to deepen your knowledge and use the experience and opportunities to develop yourself individually. After all, if companies during this time are to continue to succeed, they need the best talent and they want to make you happy in order to keep you! What are your thoughts?
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