Mission Impossible? I think not...

There are many statistics about the situation of the graduate job market, the most recent suggesting there are 83 applicants to every job. On top of this, 78% of employers are wanting a 2:1 or above, so it seems like an impossible situation. However, do not fall into the trap of taking what the media says to be entirely accurate.

There are many techniques graduates are told in order to help them with their job search. For instance, we are all often told about the importance of coming up with a good job search strategy. Sound familiar? As a 2011 graduate myself, of course I understand the importance of efficient job searching and using your networks to become more proactive with your job search. However, is there really any particular way in doing this?

Many suggest these general three options: 1. Use social media tools such as Twitter or Linkedin to communicate with recruiters or to find certain people within companies that you may want to find information from. 2. Use informal methods such as using your friends and families network. 3. Simply getting out there and meeting new people.

However, the first option is quite alien to most people and is often quite time consuming with no real quick results. The second option is great providing your family and friends are connected, such is the saying 'It's not what you know, but who you know' as mentioned in a previous blog post. The last option may well follow from the second point, however, this is still worth considering ,if for instance, you do obtain an interview or a talk with someone within a company as this is still a gateway for future conversations.

The job market may seem like a gloomy place and as a recent graduate I appreciate that these options may be time consuming, limited or simply unobtainable but a fourth option is available.

This is no ordinary job board, this is a job board with the most relevant and up to date jobs especially for graduates. It saves you time by filtering down only the jobs that you want with an easy and simple 'apply' system whereby you can manage your applications with ease. is also the largest graduate job board in the UK and as such, many recruiters use this platform to find motivated and passionate graduates like you!

It doesn't end there either. You will find a selection of other services on offer such as, a job board facility aimed at female graduates and, a job board for graduates with experience. Perhaps you would like to gain more knowledge upon a subject area you are passionate about, then is for you!

So, if after your graduation ceremony you think there is no hope in the graduate job market, think again, think
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