The London commute...

Making the decision to take a job in London and join the millions of commuters is not an easy one by no means but one faced by a majority of graduates like you.

I remember thinking to myself upon Graduation that I would have to go to London for work as that is where the opportunities are. Fear not, if you live outside of London like I do it is not an inevitable move. There are plenty of hubs outside of London with numerous opportunities. My initial job was located near where I live - my decision to work in London was made primarily on being offered an opportunity I couldn't turn down.

It isn't a decision to be taken lightly - when paying a huge chunk of your salary on travel along with sacrificing a good few hours a day the job has to be right for you. I am telling you from my experience; facing the commute would be challenging if I didn't enjoy my job, the office environment, and had the right career prospects - without this I think I would actually cry (no joke!).

You know, before I began the commute I was just an ordinary human. Now, I spend a good few hours of each day as a sardine, sometimes a slow cooked one. The commute is very intimate experience to say the least; having another person's face right in yours is NOT appealing.

I assume I have well a truly sold the whole 'London commute' to you. But, in all seriousness and negative aspects aside, it isn't actually that bad (honestly!). My absolute favourite bonus is that I have a good couple of hours to do the things I wouldn't normally have time to do. I have read books like I own a library, napped like a 6 month old baby and caught up with friends like mobiles are going out of fashion (obviously with a few ranting tweets and the nasty man who has just barged in to me)!

The idea of me sharing my experiences as a London commuter is not one to put you off but to share what it is really like - if the opportunity is right it doesn't matter how long it takes you to get to work, or how much money it costs you. And, don't feel pressured to have to work in London - there are plenty of opportunities for you outside. Likewise, there is always the opportunity to relocate to London, then your office can be on your door step and you can reap all the rewards of working in London!
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