5 ways to stay motivated during your Graduate Job Search

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5 ways to stay motivated during your Graduate Job Search

Another day, another recruiter has not replied to your job application. After checking your inbox multiple times, and no new emails pop up it is easy to become discouraged.

Climb out of your motivational slump with these five tips:

1.) Be specific with your to-do list

It can seem overwhelming to have major tasks on your to-do list, such as redo CV. Rework your to-do list to smaller and more specific tasks i.e., cut down a description about a job you had previously worked in.

This also helps to create manageable goals, it's easy to set a goal to apply to 10 jobs this week. Concentrate on 2-3 job applications per week. It's more realistic and better to spend more time focusing your attention on fewer roles to create the best job applications.

2.) Put your career goals on paper

A question we all try to avoid is "where do you see yourself in 10 years?" It's important to take time and think about it. It can help to make a list of all dreams, big and small. This will force you to think about what you want to achieve. Seeing them on paper could help to link your dreams together for example: if you love writing and food maybe start to look for roles in restaurant PR.

3.) Take days off

Take time off from thinking about CVs and job applications, it's easy to cloud your judgement and lose sight of why you are looking for a job. You might start applying for roles just to find a job and not the right role for you. Don't burn yourself out, see a friend for coffee or watch a film. A few days off can help you to see a new perspective and feel refreshed about your job search.

4.) Make the most of it

Trying to find a graduate job isn't going to be your favourite pastime but try and make it more enjoyable. Put on a good playlist, make a cup of tea and grab a slice of cake. Do whatever you can to make it a more enjoyable experience. It's easier to be more productive in short bursts so set a time limit, maybe spend 45 mins job hunting per day.

5.) Be your own biggest fan

Your motivation can begin to wane when rejections start to flow in. Don't let it! You won't be offered every job so don't let it get you down. The right opportunity will be right around the corner, you just have to keep looking. If you feel negativity creeping in, remember all your strengths and skills and if you struggle to think of these, ask your friends and family. They'll be happy to tell you all the good things about you! A few compliments and a pep talk can do wonders!

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