How to Research a Company for a Interview

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5 Ways to Find Out What You Need to Know Before the Big Day

Before an interview, it is essential to have background knowledge of the company, not just to impress your interviewer but also to understand whether that would be the type of company you would like to work in.

Main points to research:

What the company actually does?

Size of the company and the team you would be working in

History of the company. How long have the been established for? Any major news?

Do they have any sister companies?

Who are their clients and customers?

Their values and competencies

1.) Website

It is key to know the company inside out. The best way to find out this information is to check on their website. That will have the most up to date information and news about the company. This will help to show that you understand the company and enthusiastic about the role. The pages to look closely at are: the home page, about us and meet the team.

2.) Social Media

Another good way to research is to look at the company's social media. Usually they will either have at least one form or all four: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Different forms of social media will give an insight into different parts of the business. For example: Linkedin will show their clients whilst Instagram will show the company culture. It would be wise to follow their pages on social media and to research your interviewer on Linkedin. To understand them a bit better.

3.) Company Reviews

Another great way to become interview ready is to read the reviews of the company. Sites such as: Glassdoor, Great Place to Work, Indeed and Comparably. These websites are useful as they provide a company profile page and reviews from previous employees and people who have interviewed with them before. This is helpful as you will be able to see what type of questions they ask and will help you to prepare.

4.) Get to know the industry and competitors

Checking out their competitors is a great way to see how they sit in the industry. It will also help to see current trends and research their competitors. This can look highly impressive in the interview.

5.) News

Type into both Google and Google News with the company name. This can be invaluable. You may find out that the company is expanding into America, for instance, or received a grant for a specific project. This knowledge can help shape your responses to interview questions.