How to Minimise Stress During your Job Hunt?

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10 simple techniques to minimise stress and streamline your job search

We all know how stressful it can be trying to find your first graduate job, scheme or internship. It can seem a scary place once you've left university and thrown your graduation hat in the air. We have all been there, sending out what feels like hundreds of jobs and not hearing back from them.

Here are some simple tips to help minimise stress and help you to find your dream job!

1.) Stay Positive

It can be difficult but keep at it! You will find your dream job soon so don't give up!

2.) Get Organised

The more organised you are the less overwhelmed you will feel. There are thousands of opportunities out there. Have a main CV but also alter that CV slightly to fit different sectors and have them ready for when you are applying.

3.) Filter your job search

Don't apply for everything and anything, be clever about where you apply. If you don't know which sector you would like to work in, maybe consider crossing off sectors you do not want to work in and hopefully that would enable you to create a list of sectors that you genuinely like.

4.) Talk to someone in the industry

If you considering going into a particular industry but don't know if its right for why not ask to have a chat with an industry professional. For example ask the local advertising agency manager for a quick 10 minute chat. There is no harm in asking especially if you are considering a career in that sector.

5.) Set goals

It's hard to keep on top of how many jobs you have applied for and can feel swamped with the endless application forms and aptitude and screening tests. Set small targets throughout the week and this will help manage the bigger goals.

6.) Find a part time job

Working whilst applying will help you to earn some money and be able to save some money for rent and trains for interviews. Having a part time job also gives you something to talk about in interviews and further develop your skills.

7.) Sign on!

Sign up for the Job Seekers Allowance, this will help pay for trains, petrol or accomodation when you have an interview.

8.) Stay Persistent

It can be easy to get down on yourself and want to give up when you apply for so many roles and you don't hear back. Don't give up, keep at it and you will find your dream job! If there is a role that you are particularly interested in and you don't hear back, drop them a quick email asking if they have made a decision.

9.) Friends and Family

Talk to your friends and family about the different roles you are applying for. They may know someone in that industry who you can talk to.

10.) Sign up to

We are here to make your life easier, sign up and choose the sectors you are interested in and we will match you to the roles we think that are suitable to you. Already signed up, click on settings and make sure your CV is up to date, why not tell us more about yourself, whether you speak any languages or have any relevant work experience. Create a profile to help us and employers create a picture of you!