5 Graduate scheme employers not playing by the rules

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Traditionally graduate schemes close at the turn of the year. However, this year some incredible employers are bucking the trend and still on the hunt for amazing graduates like you.

In years gone by, final year students were encouraged to apply for their dream graduate schemes as soon as they returned to university. While this recruitment-calendar is on the wane slightly, many graduate employers want to have all their prospective applications in by Christmas so they can start interviewing in the Spring.

But not all employers!

Some employers don't believe in doing things by the book! They want the right candidate not the first in line! They want to do it properly and not be tied to the clock! Here's five graduate scheme employers who aren't playing by the rules in 2018!

5. The Co-operative Bank - Graduate Programmes

Number of graduate schemes open: 7

Graduate scheme location: Manchester

Scheme Deadline: 13th February 2018

Why are they Graduate Employer Rebels: The Co-operative Bank has always been known for doing things a bit differently. They pride themselves on being a bank with ethical values at its core and want to have a positive influence on the world.

The bank has a wide range of graduate schemes open at the moment, from Product & Marketing to Legal & Corporate Governance, and more traditional Banking Graduate Schemes like Risk and Treasury.

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4. Centrica

Number of Schemes Open: 2

Graduate scheme location: Nationwide and London

Deadline: 5th February 2018

Why are they Graduate Employer Rebels: For a giant, international energy company, Centria operate a bit differently to most in their industry. You might know them as British Gas, but the company believes its customers (and its employees) are at the heart of what they do. Centrica believe through people everyone can achieve and they're putting a particular focus on both with their Graduate Schemes.

The company has two graduate schemes open: Human Resources Graduate Programme and Customer Insight Graduate Programme. Both of these want to utiltise the power of people to achieve their aims. The Customer Insights team wants to better serve their millions of customers across the UK, while the HR team want to make sure the rest of the employees at Centrica are supported, trained and developed to their full potential.

Find out more about Centrica's Graduate Schemes

3. Dyson

Number of Schemes Open: 7

Graduate scheme location: Wiltshire

Deadline: Various (End of January - February)

Why are they Graduate Employer Rebels: Hands up who is not surprised to see a company like Dyson in this list? The comapny has been innovating and revolutionsing the way we live our lives, from hoovers to hand dryers, since they began. Innovation and fresh thinking are part of everything they do, so it's no surprise they're not sticking to the usual Graduate Recruitment Calendar.

With a whopping seven opportunities open (both graduate schemes and internships) Dyson are matching their inventive spirit with some fascinating opportunies, including Robotics Engineering! They're not just in need of brainy engineers, they've got placement opportunities available in Finance, Human Resources and Marketing.

Find out more about Dyson's Graduate Schemes and Placements

2. William Jackson Food Group

Number of Schemes Open:

Graduate scheme location: Hull, Yorkshire

Deadline: 5th & 15th February

Why are they Graduate Employer Rebels: If you have paid any attention to the goings on in Hull last year, you'll know they tend to do things differently there. One glance at their graduate schemes and you know this for sure.

For the company who brought us Aunt Bessie's, as well as the Food Doctor, Abel and Cole and much more, you wouldn't expect anything less. The two graduate schemes in General Management and Technical, William Jackson Food Group offer graduates like you to make a difference on food industry. The Technical Scheme allows graduates to get hands-on in the factory and food production, while succesful applicants to the General Management Scheme

Find out more about William Jackson Food Group's Graduate Schemes

1. Just Eat

Number of Schemes Open: 6

Graduate scheme location: London

Deadline: 28th January 2018

Why are they Graduate Employer Rebels: Just Eat has remoulded the British Friday and Saturday! No longer are we scrambling around for the leaflets which clog up our doors, but reaching for our phones for delicious take aways. Just Eat is the embodiment of digital forward thinking and belief in technology.

Based in London, Just Eat's six amazing graduate schemes can be found across their business, including People, Commercial, Software Engineering and even Artificial Intelligence. How's that for living and breathing Technology!

Find out more about Just Eat's Graduate Schemes

Image Credit: Nathan Waring