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Application processes are adapting to the 21st century and there's plenty of things you now need to know.

Graduates today have different expectations and ambitions compared to 20 years ago. Graduate employers are adapting to these new expectations and no one more so than KPMG. The professional services firm has just announced details of Launch Pad - their streamlined and innovative graduate recruitment process.

Launch Pad is geared towards graduates and here's how it could benefit you.

Benefit #1 - Time

Application processes in the past have been marathons. Multi-staged and spread over weeks if not months, applying for a graduate job or graduate scheme could take ages. However, KPMG's Launch Pad combines the three final stages of their application process into just one single day.

The last thing you need in the run up to your finals is time-consuming, multiple days out at employers' interviews and assessment centres. If you are successful when you apply to KPMG, you will be invited to Launch Pad - a single day recruitment event, which marks the final stage of the recruitment process for graduate programmes. Here you can expect to undertake a range of group work activities, assessment centre exercises and a one on one interview with a senior member of the KPMG team (Partner or Director).

Benefit #2 - Get the inside story

The 21st century is a more connected world and people in the working world build more personal relationships. Companies have become more interested in candidates as a "complete package" rather than just seeing if they meet a minimum criteria.

KPMG has introduced time during their Launch Pad recruitment event for you to network with KPMG people, everyone from graduate trainees to senior partners. And of course you'll also get the chance to network with other candidates on the day.

You can use this opportunity to gain insight into KPMG and the people that make it extraordinary.

Benefit #3 - Fast feedback

Although the online revolution may have solved old issues of paper and pen applications, applications for graduate schemes are still a big investment of your time. It can be really frustrating when you have invested your time and get no response.

Launch Pad is KPMG's new approach to graduate recruitment and from now on a candidate's final interviews and assessments will take place over the course of just one day and KPMG will make a job offer or give feedback explaining why they were not successful within two working days. You can also request verbal feedback to help with future applications. The feedback will help you understand where you impressed and where you might need to develop.

Benefit #4 - There's nothing like it

KMPG in the UK has innovated their graduate recruitment process. If you are successful and manage to progress to Launch Pad, the final stage of the recruitment process, then you will experience a streamlined and unique approach that will immerse you in what KPMG is all about.

This innovative process is an enjoyable and challenging environment which will provide a fantastic introduction to KPMG or a learning curve to help you with future applications.

KPMG's Launch Pad is a unique approach and chimes with developments across recruitment and innovations in modern working. At KPMG you could get the chance to work with some of the brightest minds in the business, so don't let these fantastic career opportunities pass you by. Research KPMG's opportunities today and submit your application to start your career journey.

There is plenty more hints and tips available for graduates over at KPMG Careers - take a look and get inspired.

Find out more about KPMG's Launch Pad, and apply for their graduate and student opportunities now.