Biggest student job hunting grumbles revealed

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Job hunting can be a stressful process and made worse with long application forms and silent employers - but research by KMPG has revealed your biggest grumbles about job hunting.

No matter whether you are looking for a graduate scheme or internship, the application process can be very tedious and tiring - but there is hope!

Professional services firm, KPMG in the UK, in partnership with High Fliers Research, conducted a survey with over 400 of this summer's new graduates to discover your biggest gripes about applying for jobs with a range of employers. Before the results were in, KMPG had run a successful pilot, to test out a brand new, innovative streamlined approach to the application process - introducing Launch Pad.

But what are your biggest student job hunting grumbles? Let's countdown the top five.

5. "Too many stages in the recruitment process" - Survey response: 28%

Application processes are traditionally long, drawn-out affairs with multiple hoops for you to jump through. KPMG has discovered multi-stage processes are a turn off to over a quarter of students and graduates. Application forms, phone interviews, video/Skype interviews, online tests, assessment centre days and so on - some application processes seem endless.

KPMG has consolidated their approach to recruitment. KPMG's Launch Pad is a one-day event to find the talent they need to move their firm forward. Launch Pad combines the three final stages of the process (first interview, assessment centre tasks and final interview) into one single day.

4. "The length of time the recruitment process takes from start to finish" - Survey response: 34%

Multiple stages of an application process means the whole process can rumble on for weeks. The process makes it hard for you to maintain momentum and focus with a company or on a graduate scheme. Traditionally you applied for graduate schemes in September and October and might not meet a company employee until the New Year.

KPMG's Launch Pad recruitment process combines three crucial stages into one single day, which means you will be able to prepare and concentrate fully for just the immersive day - then focus on your studies.

3."The length of time they had to wait to hear the outcome of the interview" - Survey response: 34%

When you are invited to an interview, it is very exciting - and a bit nerve-wracking. The post-interview relief is soon followed with feverish anticipation and expectation. However, you may be frustrated by a lack of communication and waiting by the telephone.

With 34% of surveyed graduates highlighting the issue, it was an area KPMG was keen to address. Anyone attending a KPMG Launch Pad event will receive a job offer or receive feedback explaining why they were not successful within two working days.

2. "Delayed or poor communication from the employer" - Survey response: 43%

An issue that graduates have always faced is poor communication from employers. You are desperate to hear back from employers and you will be understandably disappointed with a stock rejection letter three weeks later.

Another promise from KPMG's Launch Pad is unsuccessful candidates can receive verbal feedback after the process is over. This will be a welcome change after the receiving several “thanks but no thanks” mass mails.

1. "Not being offered any feedback if they were unsuccessful" - Survey response: 55%

The biggest concern, and chosen by over half of those surveyed, is a lack of feedback. Graduates are not totally hung up on certain jobs, but not being told why they are unsuccessful will really hamper any progress they want to make in the future.

If you are unsuccessful during the Launch Pad process, KPMG won't keep you hanging around for waiting this news and will let you know within two working days of the event. You'll also get the opportunity to receive verbal feedback which will potentially mean you'll submit stronger applications in the future and are able to improve your interview techniques and confidence in these high pressured situations.

Find out more about KPMG's Launch Pad, and apply for their graduate and undergraduate opportunities now.