4 ways to enjoy the sun while you job hunt

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Summer is fast approaching-but your job hunt needn't suffer.

Summer is on its way! You may find revising for exams as the days lengthen and the temperature increases difficult-and job hunting inside during the British summer is equally testing. But the urge to take advantage of picnics, Pimms in the park and trips to the seaside needn't completely derail your quest for a career.

Just because you're ready to don your flip flops and sunnies doesn't mean you need to slow down your job hunt. Try these tips for making the most of the summer sun while keeping on top of your search and boosting your CV.

Wash your whites

Whether it's the crease or the tennis court, summer is a fantastic time to get involved in sport. Employers love graduate applicants who are involved in extracurricular activities and sport is a great way to get out and show your commitment and enthusiasm.

Don't worry if you're not particularly talented-employers aren't looking to find the next Joe Root or Serena Williams. Rather, they see involvement in sport as evidence of your dependability and commitment-all of which gives you an edge over fellow applicants. In addition, team sports show teamwork and collaboration, while solo sports show focus and the ability to work independently.

BBQ Bonding

If there is one thing that signifies the start of summer, it is the smell of a sizzling barbecue. Getting your friends and family round for a barbecue is a summer essential-and these sunny gatherings can also be a great way to meet new people and make low-pressure connections.

Some consider it poor taste to talk shop outside of work but if you're a job hunting graduate, needs must. As we explained in our How-to guide, networking is about making a positive impression and seeing what people can offer you. Networking over some overcooked sausages is a great way to hone your social skills in a low-key environment-especially when you inevitably squirt ketchup down your front.

Volunteer for the Village

Who doesn't love a good old village fayre or community street party? The hotly contested vegetable competition might not draw the biggest crowds, but events like these still need a lot of organising.

The Village Green Preservation Society, or similar organising bodies, are often desperate for young, keen and internet-savvy graduates to assist with marketing and promotion. These events provide opportunities to gain valuable experience, such as sourcing sponsorship from local businesses, managing stall sellers or working the tills on the jumble sale-all worthy additions to your CV.

Sunshine Selfies

Instagram updates capturing summer moments-beers in the park, reading on the grass-will soon become staples on your feed. The sun somehow makes people want to share more and this means summer is a great time to work on improving your social media skills.

We've talked before about how properly maintained Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts can help you land a job. While you are daydreaming on the lawn, use the opportunity to share statuses, tweets and photos which might be of interest to employers. Whether you are reading a book on the industry, catching up with a newspaper or just picnicking in the park, think about how employers might view your free time.

Remember-a little bit of personality goes a long way so keep it subtle.

The summer sun is a precious thing (especially in the UK) so get out there and enjoy it-just don't forget you can still work on your job hunt and improve your employability while spending time out-of-doors.