If I could redo my third year at university

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If I could redo my third year at university...

As I am reaching the end of my time here at university, I find myself reflecting over the past year (okay, this sounds as if I am on my death bed right?)

Anyway, I've written a similar post to this regarding five things no one tells you about final year. However, this post focuses much more on my personal regrets/I wish I had done this. I personally think these types of posts really help those who are in their second of university be aware of things that they may want to cherish when they reach their final year.

So here's three things I would do if I could redo my third year at university again (though, I do hope I pass since I do not want to relive the dissertation pain once again, I don't have it me to write another 10,000 word essay, my fingers won't survive)

1. Do not compare yourself to others

Okay this sounds as a general life quote but it is completely relatable to third year life. I think the number one thing that University's do not teach us or that life doesn't teach us is that that all our journeys (are you imagining yourself on a train?) towards our future are different. We have separate paths and goals to one another and each journey can't really ever be the same (because we are different human beings).

So, I wish I had known this when I was comparing myself to others and wondering why I hadn't sorted my life out? Or when I was panicking and having mini heart attacks that many of the people I knew had already gotten jobs, or were in the process of getting one.

In retrospect, if I had followed this advice, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have spent a lot of time worrying.

This leads us on to the next point...

2. Spend more time doing and less time worrying

This is basically it, I wish I had spent less time fretting over things in my sleep and jumped out of my bed and been proactive about the situation. Whether it was googling a question I had or getting started on my 3000-word essay in the middle of the night. I think generally, if I had stopped worrying that much about my future and focused on the present, it would have made me far more productive and would have meant I wasn't letting my worry get in the way of doing things.

3. Have fun

I know being in your third year is stressful and you've got a lot of pressure on you, but I wished I had cherished it a little more (okay I know, this is cringe worthy as none of us like these over the top emotional rubbish, but it's true). I wish I'd have enjoyed my last lectures with those lectures you've known since the very start, or enjoyed that two seminar that we all secretly never existed, and had fun with your university friends whilst you all panicked about nearing deadlines. This is the end of your university experience with your friends, and I kind of wished I cherished it a little more.

So for those who are will enter their third year in September, I do hope you keep these things in mind so it helps you enjoy your experience at university.

By Maariyah Zaheer