Happy New Year to all graduate and student job hunters! I hope you've had a great time off and are ready to hit the applications harder than ever as you prepare to take the next step in your life. Here we like to keep a close eye on what's popular and what graduates are applying for. So each week we round up the Hottest graduates jobs currently on the site. This is to ensure you don't miss these great opportunities. So make sure you're in with a chance on some of these incredible graduate careers, take a look at the first #HottestjobsintheWorld of 2015!

5. Operations Graduate Scheme - Premier Inn

What you need to know: Based in Bedfordshire and across the UK, starting in September this year and learning the ins and outs of Hotel Operations.
What you need to show: Minimum 2.2 degree. preferably in a Hospitality or Business field and a real commitment to hotel operations Perfect careers available if you're interested in: Travel and Hospitality, Management and Food, Drink and Catering Premier Inn are one of the largest Hotel chains in the UK, and they are looking for bright and committed graduates to join them on their Operations Graduate Scheme. The programme is incredibly varied and will provide successful applicants with experiences in the different areas within Premier Inn Operations, including Housekeeping, Food & Beverage and Reception in order to gain a wide range of expertise and a deep understanding of Premier Inn's business. The hotel chain, a part of Whitbread, are looking for graduates with a real commitment to providing great customer service. They are looking for graduates with a degree in Business and Hospitality, but are more than prepared to accept graduates with a different degree - as long as they can demonstrate a passion for a career in Hotels.

4. Area Management Programme - Lidl

What you need to know: Opportunity to work in locations across the UK, fast paced graduate scheme to lead a successful career in Retail Management with a salary of £38,000. What you need to show: 2.1 degree, full and clean driving license and an enthusiasm to work in Retail management
Perfect careers available if you're interested in: Retail, Management and Food, Drink and Catering Everyone's new favourite supermarket, Lidl, are back in the #HottestjobsintheWorld. They are back looking for Graduates with the grit, guile and determination to succeed as an Area Manager. The Area Management Programme from Lidl covers all areas of Retail Management and looks to transform ambitious and talented graduates into fully confident and impressive leaders.
This scheme is not a walk in the park and Lidl expect hard work and commitment. However, in compensations they are prepared to give graduates a massive salary of £38,000, 35 days holiday and an Audi company car.

3. General Management Graduate Programme - Network Rail

What you need to know: 12month scheme based in locations throughout the UK, working on the full range of diverse tasks that Network Rail Managers undertake
What you need to show : 2.2 Degree in ideally a related field, geographically flexible and the desire to be a successful General Manager Perfect role if you're interested in: Management Network Rail's General Managers are involved with a range of tasks from planning timetables to dealing with incidents to monitoring the movements of trains. They are looking for graduates to join them on this immersive graduate scheme where they will be shown across the range of responsibilities that come with these positions. This is a 12 month scheme for graduates to get to know how the UK's rail network operates and to contribute to its continuing success. Successful applicants will be paid £26,500 per year, with regional allowances on top of that, graduates will also receive a welcome bonus of around £2000.

2. Project Management Graduate Programme - Network Rail

What you need to know: Based around the UK, this is a year-long scheme to experience and understand the scale of operations at Network Rail
What you need to show : 2.2 degree in any subject, a flexibility to work anywhere in the UK and the potential to be a future leader at Network Rail Perfect role if you're interested in: Management and Consultancy
This is the second role this week from Network Rail and if anything it's surprising there aren't more. Network Rail's Project Managment Graduate Scheme has just missed out in second place and it is very unlucky to do so. The role is a 12-month scheme split into two 6-month placements where graduates will experience the wide range of projects and progress currently happening at the rail operator. Network Rail have stressed the importance of graduate applicants being organised for this Scheme, they highlight that although the planning stages may take several months, it's not unusual for them to carry out a bridge replacement in just 48 hours. It means graduate applicants will need to be organised, analytical and always ready push themselves by taking on new and interesting challenges.

And the official #HottestjobsintheWorld is...

1. Graduate Programmes - J.P. Morgan

What you need to know: Based in Bournemouth, Edinburgh and other European Locations, working with one of the biggest and best graduate employers in the world and receiving first rate training
What you need to show : 2.1 degree, interest in pursuing a career in their chosen field and show evidence of being a team player and a future leader at J.P. Morgan Perfect role if you're interested in: Finance, Accountancy and Banking It is a bizarre occurrence that these Graduate Programmes from J.P. Morgan do not top the #HottestjobsintheWorld, such is the usual glamour and prestige of working at this financial institution. They have two roles open for graduates to apply for before the end of January: Global Wealth Management Programme (Paris) and Operations Graduate Scheme (Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Luxembourg and Frankfurt). With the high standards and high levels of prestige attached to J.P. Morgan, they are looking for the best of the best. They want to see graduate applications from those who are real team players and who can exhibit the potential it takes to be a future leader at the company. They also want applications from those with a 2.1 degree, and for second year applicants they must show this is a realistic outcome.