All I want for Christmas is…a graduate job


All I want for Christmas is…a graduate job

It's Christmas time and graduates and students alike are making tracks back to Mum and Dad looking forward to festive merriment. However, like the Grinch, it's my job to do my best and ruin your Christmas cheer. For graduates, it is a known fact, that there is much more to getting a graduate job than merely shipping out a few applications. And for those of your in your Final Years, it's going to creep up on you with the trials and tribulations of Final Year making it extremely difficult to apply for jobs and manage large application forms. For some as well the boat might have already sailed.
So to ensure you have a very unhappy Christmas, here are the five reasons you should up your application game over Christmas!

1. You've got the time

I know it's not the most ideal time when you're suppressing Brussel sprouts repeating on you, but many graduates do not let Christmas Day get in the way of some solid job hunting time. Although not as competitive as usual, we at do see plenty of activity on the site during the festive period. So once the presents are opened and Queenie has left her annual perch, there is no harm in poking around and looking at a few job descriptions.
Sometimes it is not about just going full pelt, and with graduate job hunting it is about keeping a steady flow of well thought out applications being sent out. So don't let this festive family stuff get in the way.

2. Nice change of scene

Graduates will tell you this, and Final Year students should listen up, Third year is no fun and applying for jobs can seem dreamy when you're up to your neck in it during those final few months. No doubt many of you current students will have work to do over the summer and deadlines looming for your return t in the new year, so why not take a few hours out to look over and apply for some schemes or internships too. At least taking a look and making some in roads for what you are looking for and what you might want to do would certainly be no waste of time. So put down Foucault and start fixing up your CV.

3. Impeding Hell

This needs stating again, Third Year is the closest thing to a simultaneous mental and physical breakdown you will experience, stressful doesn't even come close to cutting it. So while you've got the time and a bit of respite before the Unholy Slog through dissertations, exams and portfolios, maximise your time off by getting the ball rolling on a few application processes.
It cannot be stressed enough that you will struggle to find the time during the last 4 or 5 months at university in the run up to your finals. Plus, you'll be tearing your hair out already so you don't need something else on your plate.

4. Closing the stable door…

Students also need to be careful as this was something I was unaware of too. But the mere fact you're reading this shows you're already looking to get started. You need to be careful that the majority of jobs are open when you do get around to sending out some applications. While jobs do go up on all year round, we are in the final stages of our peak season. There will be a lot more jobs closing in the next month than opening. So Christmas time is the absolute latest that the majority of the big graduate schemes and big graduate drafts take place, so make sure you've pitched yourself to employers before it's too late.

5. Evading THAT question

Christmas time is a time for friends and family and while we all love a good get-together there is one question that always comes up that is kryptonite to both students and graduates. And you know the one I mean. The "So what are you planning on doing after university then?" one. With a few applications being sent off and a bit of time spent looking at what's out there and thinking about what you might want to do will not only give you a bit of ammunition to deflect this inevitable grilling from the parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and every other distant relative prodding and poking at your life, but it will also make you feel a bit better about your own future. You've got to go for it as a graduate job hunter, so every little boost will be a great help.

Merry Christmas from all at!

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