As Ronan Keating once sang, (graduate) 'Life is a Rollercoaster'. There are dizzying highs and depressing lows, punctuated by monotony and the odd splash of hope. But rather than staying silent about the graduate trials and tribulations, the digital natives in our ranks have taken to Twitter to vent their feelings. From the relatable to the ridiculous, here are some of the best #graduatelife tweets gracing the internet.

Some point out the struggles of living back at home

Or the difficulties that come with living on a budget

Others have got their procrastination routine DOWN

But some are really feeling the pressure (someone hug this guy)

A brave few are able to appreciate the positives of #graduatelife

Though some are getting a tad dramatic

Others are impressively creative

And many have notable #smuggame

Or are asking painfully pertinent questions…

And some are just damn well living the dream!

Hats off to all my fellow graduates out there dealing (or not dealing) with the issues that #graduatelife brings. We will get through this. Tweet @graduatejobsUK now with your #graduatelife stories.