The 17 daily struggles of a job hunting graduate, as told by gifs


The 17 daily struggles of a job hunting graduate, as told by gifs

As a job hunting graduate, I know full well that life is not all sunshine and roses (it's currently raining and all that's outside are a few sad-looking sunflowers). Job hunting is serious and important business that necessitates a strong work ethic, positivity and a lot of staring at a computer. But none of that is much fun really, is it. We work hard (for most of anyway) each day, and therefore deserve the odd bit of amusement as a reward.

Enter: gifs. Gifs represent all that is good about online procrastination, combining our love for the cute and cuddly with the amusing and awful. So why don't we take a look at the daily struggles of a job hunting graduate, as told by gifs.

1. Waking up in the morning is such hard work when you don't have an incentive.

graduate jobs

2. Getting dressed seems like such a waste of time.

graduate jobs

3. You've made it to your laptop, but there's nothing brilliant to apply to.

graduate jobs

4. Hold the phone, you've found a great job! Oh wait but you'r e not quite qualified…

5. More trawling it is then.

6. Here's another one, and you have the skills, let's do this! Oh but it wants 3 essays…

7. You have never written this much in your life.

8. There are so many more exciting things you could be doing right now.

9. Your mate rings and asks if you want to hang out. Gah, it's so difficult to balance work and social life.

10. Everything you write sounds so clichéd and boring.

11. Are you really that different from all the others applying for this job?

12. A little hyperbole never hurt anyone, did it?

13. So bored…

14. You've finished! Yes yes yes! Application sent!

15. Time to celebrate with an episode (or four) of your favourite show.

16. Where has the day gone? What are you doing with your life?

17. Oh well, it's night time, time for sleep. And then you can start the whole infuriating, repetitive process all over again…

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