When you've all gone your separate ways after university, the only way you manage to keep track of some people from university is by various social media sites. Facebook stalking has become common practice among our generation and sometimes it's totally unavoidable. We all have that one person from our university year that has become the Golden Graduate, they've left university and carried on into the real world with barely a bump. And here are the 7 reasons we all hate them.

1. Travelling

While the rest of us couldn't find our arses from our elbows when uni finished, the Golden Graduate was too busy making use of their time riding elephants, discovering themselves South East Asia and building schools in the Third World. It makes us sick.

2. Great degree

Obviously this goes without saying, the Golden Graduate got a better degree classification than everyone you know and they're pretending to be modest about it. Like butter wouldn't melt.

3. Internship

Struggling to match your previous experiences with where you want to go. Don't worry the Golden Graduate is just finishing their internships at Saatchi&Saatchi, PwC and Penguin Books. And of course they all loved them.

4. Connections

Some people say it is not what you know, but who you know - and they know absolutely everyone. They're tapping up connections left, right and centre to explore all avenues. Although you suspect they are subtly being ruthless to get to the top - Stop taking all the opportunities for yourself!

5. No crippling debt

If there is one thing we can't stand it is efficient financial management. They've left university with no overdraft, no maxed out credit cards AND look reasonably well fed. Just you wait - the student loan repayments will kick in soon, then you'll learn, Golden Graduate.

6. Flawless CV

It's not that they aced the module you actually bled to get a good mark in, or that they are utterly charming and interview incredibly well, it is that their CV is better than yours could ever be. Even if you had twice the amount of time, employers look at their CV and can't look away. Thanks for making us all look bad!

7. Already on a Graduate Scheme

And this was all inconsequential for the bloody Golden Graduate as they'd booked themselves on a Graduate Scheme months ago. But a lot of schemes are now open all year round - so screw you Golden Graduate.
While they might be the worst person in the world and we all hate them with every fibre in our body, it's not going to help us get a job. The graduate job market has a small corner for those kind of graduates, but for the rest of us we need to be smarter with our applications and play to our strengths. I mean - who'd want to work with some one as insufferable as that?