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5 things you instantly miss about university

Leaving university is always a mixture of emotions. Another three years of education can sometimes take its toll on you, especially if you've not taken a year out, but you will soon realise life is on a massive downhill trajectory from now on.

But now many of you have left university and are looking to make the next step in your life, from time to time you will experience pangs of nostalgia of the time you spent at the ivory tower which in reality was a hovel of pizza boxes and empty bottles.

These are the 5 things you'll instantly miss about university.

1. Student Loan Days

Three times a year you feel like a millionaire...despite spending the rest of the term living like a tramp.

2. ...and the overdraft

Extending your overdraft, the equivalent of walking into your bank and spinning them the line about books and travel and shoveling that cash out of there...wait they want it back?!

3. Easy living

Now you've graduated, everything becomes a little more real and certainly tougher. Getting a job, feeding yourself and generally standing on your own two feet. As a student the biggest problem you had to deal with was whether to get dressed or not.

4. Living for the weekend

Going out on a Friday or Saturday night was almost lunacy at university. The weekend meant absolutely nothing to you, except no lectures. Going out on a tear up on a Wednesday now seems barbaric.

5. Mid week weekends

You will never appreciate the time you had off as a student, because as soon as you do land that graduate job, that's it...two measly days off a week.

It's not all doom and gloom when entering the working world. Graduates who look back at university are better remembering the good times and moving on. You have passed on the baton.

Now you've got your student loan to worry about. Take a look at our Graduate Guide to Student Loans.

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