This week it was announced that graduate vacancies were up for 2014, however employers were complaining they couldn't find the right graduates with the right skills. With this in mind, we asked you whether you thought in general graduates were coming out with enough work place skills or were employers being too picky about the type of graduate they were looking to employ. Here are the 6 skills that any graduate can offer an employer...

1. Organisation

I've said it before but I'll say it again, you will not have been able to get a degree with out a good level of organisation. Finals are complicated with hoops to jump through to submit your work, all of which required you to be organised.

2. Prioritise

Similarly to organisation, many employers ask for candidates who can prioritise tasks. Students and now graduates can do that, although a student's priorities may be skewed.

3. Communication

A stick often used to beat graduates with is that don't know how to communicate. Don't worry, if you managed to explain your dissertation to anyone else and make it sound plausible, you've got a good command of the English language.

4. Interpersonal skills

Talking to strangers and being able to get on with people was absolutely essential at university. You had to live with strangers and function as a house, no mean feat. Especially when they keep leaving their washing up.

5. Persuasion

Persuasive, persistent, convincing, selling, call it what you will. But having just graduated, you will have at one point have told a seminar leader a barefaced lie as to why you had not turned up.

6. Computer skills

Whether it is remembering bits of coding from MySpace or being able to fully running your own website or blog. Either way you've get the Microsoft Office basics nailed.
These are just a few of the things that graduates can offer employers when they leave university. Don't read the headline and become downhearted. There is plenty you can offer the working world, you just need to be creative. So take a look at the latest graduate positions and schemes and get applying to start your career.