Last week I issued you the 6 Hazards that could beset you on during your graduation ceremony, but now that is all finished the long slog has begun. Finding and applying for graduate jobs is tedious work and takes a lot of time. With this is mind it is easy to get distracted. So with this is in mind we asked you for this weeks #yousayTuesday what were the biggest distractions you suffer from during your graduate job hunt and this is what you came back with...

1. Facebook

This is by far the most overwhelming distraction that slows down progress on your graduate job hunt. In the same way that it plagued your finals and revisions sessions, it will also slow your application rate. However, even more terrifyingly is that you don't have a deadline so be careful to not let it drag you into some unemployed Kafkaesque nightmare.

In fact the whole internet...

We've all got our set roster of websites we like to visit. Whether it is BBC Sport, Buzzfeed, ASOS, Ebay or anything else, these are also counterproductive and will not get you a job. The only website you really need at this stage in your life is this one.

2. Long breaks

It is fine taking an break after getting some applications sent off, that's fine. But you need to be your own worst taskmaster and not spend hours making lunch or allowing yourself too much internet free-time. Lunch does not fix everything and will not get you a job.

3. Lie ins

Yes you have worked hard and deserve a bit of a rest after the slog of finals, but lying in all morning can be one of the worst effects of your day. Sleeping in until gone 11am will write off large chunks of the day.

4. Day time TV

Television, the original 20th century distraction. And day time TV is the worst. If you find yourself making arrangements to catch the day's edition of Jeremy Kyle there is something very wrong with you.

5. Tidying up

Tidying can be a nightmare and a real self deceiver. This is one I personally found a killer. Tidying your desk can suddenly turn into a full marigold wall scrubbing operation. Don't let it!
Yes it is long and dull applying for jobs but it has got to be done. So plan out your day, with targets and rewards and make it the most relaxing you can. Take a look at How to Start your Graduate Career.