6 hazards of your graduation ceremony


6 hazards of your graduation ceremony

This is a public service announcement, be careful on your special day. Firstly, Congratulations, you've graduated and are about to start a new chapter in your life where you can now start to earn some money rather than waxing it.

But before that, there is your graduate ceremony. A celebration of your academic achievement so far. Graduation will always be a happy and memorable event, but with so many cameras and people around things are bound to go wrong. Watch out for the se 6 hazards while enjoying your graduation.

1. Trip hazard

This is the big one. An almost textbook way to ruin your big moment of walking across, shaking hands and receiving your roll of paper. The eyes of the whole hall are on you. Don't. Fall. Over! If you can't walk properly, you don't deserve your degree.

2. Admin hazard

This one is out of your hands. Names slip through the cracks and you can be sat their waiting for the your name to be called and the longer it goes, the tension rises. Doubt will set in and you will convince yourself that you haven't actually graduated.

3. Repetitive strain injury

The one thing it would be wise to prepare for would be the unbelievable amount of clapping you are going to have to do. The numb-bum you get from sitting still will only be a minor inconvenience compared to the endless amount of clapping you are going to have to do. Your hands will be red raw and your wrists will be shot.

4. Wardrobe malfunctions

When you have to submit your measurements for the graduation attire, you are asked for your head size. Unless you're regular in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot or spend your time frequenting the local Hatters, you won't have a clue. This remains true with the gown too. Although being dressed by the gown company you feel like a boss.

5. Falling hazards

As is tradition you've got to throw your hat in the air with your friends. However, despite the obvious dangers of taking a corner of those hats in the eye, you've got a £40 deposit riding on that hat, so don't throw it into orbit.

6. Hazardous substances

Once what seems like an eternity of clapping has finished, graduates are thrown into a soiree of canapes and ...FREE BOOZE! The hazardous champagne (Cava) is like rocketfuel after hours in a stuffy hall. Wait until you lose the gown to before you get on it in your fineries.

Not to rain on your parade, but there will be a nagging feeling about what are you going to do now?

Now as graduates you should be ready and prepared to face the big world and should start by finding yourself a job. Don't know how to start? Take a look at How to Start your Graduate Career.

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