This week's #UndertheRadar jobs cover all sectors, including range of companies in sizes from global news agencies to smaller local start-ups and niche businesses. Graduates looking for something different from their career should look carefully at these roles and remember that just because the company is not a household name, doesn't mean that they would not gain as much experience or develop further. In fact, most of the time the opposite is true. So, without further ado, get your teeth stuck into these awesome #UndertheRadar jobs.

5. R&D Analyst in Cyber Security

What you need to know: £40,000 to £70,000, based in the West Midlands working on research and developing capabilities to deal with cyber threats.
What you need to show: Experience with research and development, plenty of initiative and enthusiasm.
This is an exciting role for graduates who are computer wizards and have a creative and problem solving mind. This Research and Development role is speciailising in a booming industry in the UK in the moment in dealing with the growing threat of cyber attacks. The successful applicant's main focus in this role will be working with Cyber security, Malware analysis, Reverse engineering. The role will require graduates to be self starting and be able to come up with creative solutions to an ever-changing problem.
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4. Accounts Administrator - Carmel Clothing

What you need to know: Working with a boutique clothing company in North London, working in a small small finance department.
What you need to show: Strong numerical and book keeping capabilities, excellent organisation and attention to detail.
Carmel Clothing describe themselves as one of the leading manufactures of clothes in the UK, supplying both to the high street and supermarkets. Carmel attribute their success to their ability to create cutting edge designs that are on trends. A vacancy has come up for a graduate to become an Accounts Administrator at the company working from their flagship offices in Kentish Town. In the applicant, they want to see flexibility and accuracy in their approach, while attending to duty of supporting the Financial Controller.
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3. Office Manager - Swot Shop

What you need to know: Office Manager at tuition centre in Harrow, range of duties across several departments with a salary of £26,000 and potential 20% bonus. What you need to show: 2.2 degree, highly motivated and show a great attitude with strong interpersonal skills.
This is as varied as a role can get. The successful graduate will maintain the well running and smooth operations of the Swot Shop. The Office Manager's duties are across all departments and can expect to be involved with things like sales and customer liaison by greeting and selling the business to customers, creating and developing teaching materials, marking school work and more administrative tasks like book keeping and library stock takes. This has the potential to be a really fulfilling role and allow the graduate to help children grow and develop.
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2. Business Analyst - Associated Process

What you need to know: Working with the Associated Process, influencing editorial decisions through data.
What you need to show: Must be highly numerate, have a passion for the news and the media industry and operate a consistent and methodical approach.
The Associated Process are one of the world's largest news agencies and they are looking for a meticulous graduate to join them and help them develop their process for the data driven 21st century. The Associated Press' Business Analyst role is key to their operations by tracking and monitoring data from content usage. This is a role for those who are really interested in data and content consumption mainly online.
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1. Assistant Marketing Analyst - Health Service Discounts

graduate jobs What you need to know: Working at one of the largest discount websites in the UK, earning £20,000 working near Lancaster.
What you need to show: Numerical competency, have a flair for statistics as well as excellent data management and IT skills. Health Service Discounts has evolved from NHS discounts, the benefits programme for National Health Service workers. Health Service Discounts are looking for an Assistant Marketing Analyst to assist either the Travel or Finance Marketing Managers. The duty of the successful applicant will be to analyse the data of the discounts posted to the site, arranging email marketing campaigns and assessing competitor sites. Other marketing duties also include contributing, improving and developing the social media on the site.
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