In this week's #HottestjobsintheWorld a theme has emerged and it is surrounding the higher echelons of the public sector. MI5 and HM Treasury have both found themselves to be extremely popular and graduates have been applying in massive volumes to be in with a chance to get these positions. While a brand new role from Toys R Us has also jumped into the Top 3 after only coming on the site late last week. Have you got what it takes to save the UK from attack or financial disaster? Then get applying to these roles in the Top 5 #HottestjobsintheWorld!

5. Graduate Traineeship - Edge Hill University

What you need to know: 2 year scheme, 4 positions available on this structured development programme.
What you need to show: 2.1 degree, work experience in a business environment and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Edge Hill University are looking for graduates for an exciting challenging Traineeship with the university. This is a 2 year scheme designed to take graduates from university and transform them into leading figures in the university sector. Graduates looking to apply to this scheme must be able to build effective working relationships at all levels, produce high quality, accurate work under pressure, prioritise your workload effectively, work flexibly and demonstrate creativity and initiative.
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4. MI5 - Intelligence Officer Development Programme

What you need to know: Two year development programme, working with the security service in specialist intelligence areas. What you need to show: Dilligence, discretion and a keen eye for detail, as well as a 2.2 or higher. The MI5 Intelligence Officer Development Programme is always an extremely popular programme for graduates looking for a rewarding career. Intelligence Officers will start out working on their Foundation Investigative Training, after this they will specialise in one of the following areas: international counter terrorism, assessment, Northern Ireland related terrorism, counter intelligence (espionage) or cyber intelligence. After a further two years in this specialism, graduates will become fully trained Intelligence Officers, helping keep the UK safe. Interested in this area? Why not try these Research and Analysis, Technology and Military and Defence.

3. Graduate Management Training Programme - Toys R Us

What you need to know: World leading family retail company looking to trainee managers at branches across the UK.
What you need to show: Organised, versatile and flexible with working hours and location. Toys R Us are looking for the best graduates who want a career in retail to apply for their Graduate Management Training Programme. Successful applicants will be provided with an intensive 12 week training programme that will supply them with thbe basic skills to be a success in their role. Toys R Us like to predict that on average, graduates will be running their own multi-million pound mega store within two years of starting the scheme.
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2. Graduate Policy Adviser - HM Treasury

What you need to know: Working at the Treasury, initial 18 month training scheme and having real influence on decisions What you need to show: 2.1 degree, analytical mind with excellent written and verbal communication skills. HM Treasury are looking to tap into the best and most dynamic graduate talent to help them continue to ensure the UK's financial footing. This is a role for graduates with a real eye for detail and flair with figures. The role is varied and will have graduates juggling several different duties, including tax and economic development to international trade treaties and providing vital support to Ministers.
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And the winner is...

What you need to know: Data based intelligence work, based in London and protecting the UK through analysis. What you need to show: 2.1 degree with relevant work with data and preferably a numerate background with experience of handling large sets of data. Another MI5 roles finds its way into the #HottestjobsintheWorld this week and for obvious reasons. This role differs from the Intelligence Officer Development Programme by being data driven. The role requires graduates to be clinical and confident with large sets of data. While this could be from a graduate's degree, this is not vital. Graduates would be advised to some experience of their work with data to increase their chances of success. The role would give the successful applicant duties in such things as analysing a vast array of complex and ever changing data - ensuring colleagues across the organisation understand their findings and recognise their significance