With the light at the end of the tunnel, you final year students will be and should be physically and emotionally drained. You've been through the wringer and now can finally breathe, but it doesn't stop there. Exams and hand ins are quickly followed by post-finals-freedom, you're all in the same boat and we know how it feels...

1. Stress

In the words of the great Malcolm Tucker, you've got more on your plate than a spinster at a wedding. But you're prepping for the final push.

2. Panic

While the end is in sight, you've got plenty to do before and it's taking its toll. Essays, exams, assessments and don't even mention the D-i-s-s-e-r-t-a-t-i-o-n word.

3. Loss

While the heartache it caused churning out your dissertation, handing it in feels like you've given away part of you and poured your life into your exams. Leaving you a shell of your former self.

4. Relief

When the exams are done and there is nothing you can do, you will experience a flood of relief. If only for a short period.

5. Panic

And you're back to panic. What the hell am I going to do now? How am I going to get a job now? I can't get a job with my degree! Wrong - Graduates have loads of skills that are versatile to be applied in the work place.
However you might have found your final few months at university, it is not surprising that you're going to be slightly concerned about what happens next. Take a look at our advice section for plenty of help about CVs, Covering Letters, when to apply and everything else you need to know to get you that graduate job.