This is a season of panic, deadlines passing and in the midst of exams. While this is tortuous time for second years, for final years it's a living hell. Their are ways to deal with your stress however. Leicester and Bath Spa universities provided petting zoos and bubble wrap as relief to the anxiety students were enduring. But there are ways to deal with this anxiety and there are ways that you certainly shouldn't deal with it.

1. Hiding

The principle of "If I can't see them, they can't see me" does not work particularly well with end of year assessments.

2. Playing it cool

Playing it cool and kicking off that TV series you've always wanted to watch will only slightly mask the panic that is currently filling up inside you.

3. Not sleeping

Just because you're putting the hours in, does not mean it's worthwhile. If there's one thing that final year students have perfected during their time at university it is getting their heads down.

4. Feining an accident

People have done some remarkable things to avoid sitting exams and or gain deadline extensions. Killing off relatives, traffic pile ups and pretending to officially lose it are all up there.

5. or one of those accidents...

While this has been sown into cultural folklore, I find it hard to believe it has actually happened. But it would certainly get you out of an exam.

6. Turning to the bottle

You might think you've earnt it, but you more than likely haven't. One night out or a few pints will only relieve the stress until the hangover comes in with a vengeance. Stay sober until it's over.
Exams are stressful and can be seriously tricky, but you've got to just get your head down and power through. You know how much work you need to do so be calm in your approach and good luck!