A New Wave of Graduates!


Many of you reading this will be from a fresh generation of graduates whose mortar boards have barely left their scalps and returned to the hire shops. Congratulations to you! We hope you received the grade you wanted and that your graduation ceremony was a fitting end to your university career.

There are a number of options available to you now that you have graduated and officially have "nothing to do" for the first and hopefully last time in your life. You could go travelling if you have some money saved up, you could go into further education, however if you are here it is most likely that you are considering the third option which is getting a graduate job!

And a wise choice too! Some make the mistake of thinking that a graduate job seals off doors to certain paths such as travelling but in actual fact it can be the path too those doors. Not only does one give you that extra bit of money to tuck away for you travels but it arms you with the invaluable experience that you can quote when you get back from your round the world trip and are hunting for a second job.

Another common assumption is that this "gap" in your career is detrimental to its progress. As long as you have demonstrated that you are active and not simply "doing nothing" throughout a period away from work then there is rarely a negative effect on your career prospects. In fact, travelling shows drive, even a degree of fearlessness which is applicable in any working environment and especially a job that requires or is benefited by overseas travel.

If you are choosing to delve immediately into the world of work then we hope we can be of service in finding you that graduate job. However, first you should formulate a tick list of everything you need prepared before you begin applying: a readable and well set out CV, an idea of how a covering letter should be set out and an "argument" for each of your skills and how you will sell them. If you need some tips it would be a great idea to read our advice section before you begin your job hunt.

Whatever choice you have made or are going to make we at wish you all the best and would like to say well done on graduating. If you are already getting the post-uni blues then take a look at this blog. For many of you a new chapter begins now and even though university has most likely set the bar very high, who knows, it could be the best yet!

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