Intelligence and IT - #Hottestjobsintheworld


Intelligence and IT - #Hottestjobsintheworld!

Back again, it's the #Hottestjobsintheworld! Here are the most popular jobs of the last seven days, showing little change from last week. This week's selection is a good mix of roles from all sorts of sectors, like Consultancy, IT, Public Service and Management.

5. Ford - Internships

graduate jobs What you need to know: 12 week paid internship in a range of departments, starts mid-June.
What you need to show : Excellent communication skills, experience of delivering high quality work to deadlines and initiative.

Ford Motor Company are looking to fill several internship programmes. These are IT, Purchasing, Supplier Technical Assistance, Finance and Sustainability and Environmental Engineering. Ford are offering 12 week paid placements and to give students and graduates the chance to learn while at Ford and hopefully give them a leg up onto the graduate scheme.

What you need to know: Two year scheme with the Security Service, based in London with a salary of £25,366.
What you need to show: 2.2 in any degree, confident communicators, highly organised and have a high attention to detail.

The MI5 Intelligence Officer Development programme is always a very popular scheme and I am surprised it is not higher up the list. The two year scheme is focused around the FIT (Foundation Investigative Training) where graduates will learn all the skills they need to be a successful and effective Intelligence Officer. After that graduates will complete two years in one of the following fields: international counter terrorism, assessment, Northern Ireland related terrorism, counter intelligence (espionage) or cyber intelligence.

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3.Capgemini - Graduate Project Manager

What you need to know: £27,000, based in London or Birmingham and working in the Projects and Engagement teams within Infrastructure Services
What you need to show: Strong team working skills, be a high achiever and be able to absorb complex ideas effectively.

Capgemini is a world leader in outsourcing, consulting and technology and they want graduates to join their Projects and Engagements teams and work within Infrastructure Services. Graduates looking to join this world leader in Technology and Consulting must be able to shine as a prospective candidate. This includes superb team working skills, a logical and fast thought process and a proactive mentality.

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2. HP - Graduate Programmes

What you need to know: 4 different schemes available in: IT, Project Management, Business and Consulting.
What you need to show: 2.1 degree in a related subject, enthusiastic team player and a desire to learn.
The HP Graduate Programmes are for those who want to be the absolute best at what they do. The schemes in IT, Project Manager, Business and Consulting roles are idea for those graduates who have got an initial base from university studies but want to be sector leading in what they do. The company have so many sides to them it is difficult to say exactly what graduates would end up doing, however, HP provide all the necessary support and training to let you achieve.

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And the winner, for a second week, is...

1. MI5 - Intelligence Analysts

What you need to know: £25,366, Two year programme, based in London
What you need to show: 2.1 or relative experience, a creative thinker and a numerate background is preferred.

MI5 are looking for graduates to join them on the front line of National Security. Intelligence Analysts will work with the Intelligence Officers in their attempt to help protect the UK. MI5 want graduates that can handle large amounts of data and have the mental capabilities to manage that. Alongside this, MI5 want to see graduates that are competent with their analytic skills. This could be your ability to spot anomalies and understand what they could mean.

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By James Howell

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