Group interviews are the ultimate in diplomacy, you must be seen to do well and rise above the competition, but not by being a dick. With every one you attend, even if you're making small talk in the waiting room, you will meet the same characters at each one.

1. Mr. Perfect

Smartly dressed, breathtakingly attractive and devastatingly intelligent. They are faultless and he's cleaning up in the interview. Feelings: instant envy/hatred followed by a concession of their charm and beauty

2. The Joker

The funny guy. Well at least they think they're funny. Whether they are cracking wise because they are nervous or because they're waiting for their call to play the 02, either way the jokes are dying and your forced chuckle is getting tiresome and your face hurts. Feelings: Initial pity is quickly overcome with strong dislike.

3. The Serious one

They are here for the job. And they are not leaving without it. Taking the whole situation incredibly seriously and as a result pleasantries and polite conversation are falling by the wayside. Feelings: BORED!

4. The Not bothered

You're not really sure why they're here. They don't want the job, they're not going to get the job, but they're here just because. The embodiment of 'Why not?' Feelings: Happy that they won't offer any competition but annoyed that they aren't shaking with nerves like you.

5. The Shy one

This unsuspecting interviewee has not made a squeak. So much so you didn't even notice they were there. Quietly sat there, making no contribution to group exercises. Until they drop an absolute bombshell on the group and no one knows how to react.
Feelings: Terrified!
You will meet this characters at all the interview you go to and if you don't then it's you! If you're unsure what to expect, take a look at our interview reviews to learn from other people's experience.