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Your 7 University Regrets!

It is one of the most depressing moments you will experience when you realise it's over. No more university. Time spent at university can provide you with a variety of skills and experiences for when you come round to applying for jobs. However, once your time at university is done, there will be times you would have regretted not taking up certain opportunities while you were there.

Here are your top 7 regrets from your time at university...

1. Societies

Societies are always good fun at uni. They can be weird and wonderful things, anything from the Hummus Society to the Gog Magog Molly society. These often led their members to finding their organisation, communication and people skills develop. However, at the time, students they are usually used as an excuse for a good knees up.

2. Network

Networking at university doesn't always mean just schmoozing your way around. Making and maintaining long term friendships can often lead to life long career partnerships. As long as it is not with Mark Zuckerberg...

3. Volunteering

Volunteering might not be the coolest or easiest pastime to undertake at university but boy is it worth it afterwards. Volunteering takes a variety of forms and you can have found yourself leaving university with entrepreneurial skills, business nous and commercial awareness. As long as you're volunteering for the right thing.

4. Work harder

This is obviously a more difficult one to fix once you've graduated and got your grade. But it can be a massive regret if you didn't get the classification you wanted. However, it is not the end of the world if you have got a 2.2 or similar.

5. Sports teams

Sports teams are often a breed of their own at university, running in their own circles. Graduates might finding themselves feeling as if they have missed out from these cliques, however, being a member of sports team also shows commitment, teamwork and an active person.

6. Student media

Student media, whether this was Newspapers, radio, magazines, television or film, were always tough work. Usually extremely hard with very little reward. On the other hand they are an absolute goldmine for finding skills to show employers. Whether it be writing and communication, organisation and management or even the journalism itself.

7. Having fun..?

Did you enjoy university? This can be one of the biggest regrets about leaving university - that it was all over too quickly. And it is very easy to get overly sentimental about those three years, but the fact remains, it will no longer be acceptable to get pissed up with your mates and go out round town in fancy dress.

Leaving university is tricky and you will always have regrets, but it is important to make the most of any opportunities that you did take. These often provide you with a wealth of experience and skills that can be applied to the demands of the working world.

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