graduate jobs Looking for work can be a long and annoying process, and it can certainly test your patience! After having knock backs, I'm sure you're probably thinking 'will I ever get a job?', 'when will I get a job', 'why will nobody hire me?' Sound familiar?

Everyone hates knock backs, but knowing how to deal with them is really important and it can actually help you have a more positive outlook (I promise!) on your job hunt.

Here are a couple of tips that I have found useful over the years:

1. Give yourself a break! - If you are finding yourself applying for the jobs for the sake of it, STOP! Not only is this time consuming and draining, you will only find yourself not putting your best efforts into the application. These efforts can be used for a job that you really want to apply for! So sit back and think 'do I really want to apply for this job?'

2. Think seriously about what you really want - If you are feeling indecisive or disheartened when writing a job application, this is probably a sign that the job isn't for you. Remember, there will be something out there for you, it just takes time to find it!

3. Application writing takes time - lots of time! Don't rush applications, it's really important to make sure that you put your best efforts into each application. If you are currently working, make sure you schedule out some time to write your applications.

4. Unsuccessful interviews and applications aren't the be all and end all - Maybe it just wasn't meant to be, but it is always something you can learn from and something you can get feedback from. So take that feedback on board and apply it to your next application!

By Louise Rizzo,
Jobshop Employability Coordinator at the University of Kent