Interviews are nerve wracking. I mean really nerve wracking. When they go well you are at ease and chatting with the company like old friends. But when they go bad, you feel as if you're on the rack having your life, skills and experiences dismembered in front of you. The trick is preparation. But how do you prepare for the unknown?
Here are your top 6 rituals for preparing for an interview...

1. Research the company

If there is something you would bet your house on coming up in an interview it's 'Why do you want to work for this company?' You need to know the company inside out and show that you're serious about taking a position there.

2. Know your stuff

Check over what you have already sent the company. Be aware of the key points you've played on that you think will make you the perfect employee. Be ready to be grilled about your relevant experiences as well as being hot on your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Get there early

Plugging the postcode into your Google-maps might find you the location, but you still need to find out exactly where you need to be. Get there in plenty of time and you can always dive into the nearest greasy spoon for a quick brew if you've got time to kill.

4. Actually not too much caffeine...

After arriving with plenty of time, you might be tempted to get the biggest coffee they sell. Be careful with this one or you can find yourself overloading on caffeine and all the problems that come with it. Being "awake" is not going to help you with your nerves. You know how much you can handle.

5. And don't have that second cigarette

A crafty ciggie before you go into an interview is not the worst thing you can do. But don't use it as a time-killing device. A quick one in a well ventilated area can be OK, but ALWAYS have polos at the ready. A faint whiff of cigarettes will not stop you getting the job, but you don't want to go in stinking. You're not Tony Soprano.

6. Relax

Obviously a lot easier said than done. But it is important you tell yourself to remain calm. In interviews you need to be telling yourself not only you are good enough for the position but also that you are at ease with your accomplishments and what you can bring to the company.
Interviews can be difficult but there are always ways you can better prepare yourself and steps you can take on the day that will help things go smoothly. Employers expect you to be nervous its only natural, but try not to let them get the better of you!