Graduates schemes are beginning to move away from the usual milk round period. More and more schemes are staying open past the usual Christmas and New Year deadlines moving towards nearly all year recruitment. These give more opportunities to graduates to get on board with one of these schemes and thrive under the training they provide. Below are our favourite five all-season schemes. These offer graduates excellent training and development often with a structured career path. So check them out and get your applications in soon.

5. Decathlon - Retail Management Scheme

Tell me about this graduate scheme: Retail Management schemes are available for graduates looking to combine their love of sports with learning the intricacies of Retail Management. The role has locations based across the UK and pays anything from £17,000 to £22,000.
Why you should apply for this graduate scheme: The Decathlon Retail Management scheme is perfect for graduates that don't want the hum drum 9 to 5, but are looking for a dynamic career in the Retail industry. Graduates are trusted with all aspects of the retail operation, this includes recruitment, commerce, management, financial forecasting and employment law.

4. Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Management Scheme

Tell me about this graduate scheme: The Enterprise Graduate Management Scheme allows graduates to learn from their team in a branch working from bottom until they run their own branch. Enterprise is dedicated to customer service, quality of care and take team work seriously. Branches are run like families and they ensure they go the extra mile for each other as well as the customer.
Why you should apply for this graduate scheme: The Enterprise Management Scheme is the main access to this global company. With Enterprise Rent-A-Car you are expected to work your way up from the bottom. But the career path is there to take you to some of the top roles if you are prepared to work for it.

3. Capgemini - Management Consulting Graduate Programme

Tell me about this graduate scheme: Capgemini's Management Consulting Graduate programme is a perfect route into a challenging career. A two year programme will allow the graduate to develop their skills in Consulting. Graduates can expect to working on real projects within a few weeks. This could include customer experience transformation programmes to integrated supply chain solutions and business transformations.
Why you should apply for this graduate scheme: The responsibility allowed to successful applicants shows a real investment in staff. Graduates are able to work on one specialty for six months and rotate if they feel like they can offer something elsewhere. The role develops a broad range of skills in graduates that can be applied across many roles. This is useful if, after they have finished their graduate scheme, they wish to move on to a different job or career.

2. HP - Graduate Programmes

Tell me about this graduate scheme: HP are looking to fill graduates into several specific schemes. These include Consulting, IT, Business and Project Management. Graduates can be accepted onto these 24 month schemes to be transformed into a sector leaders in their fields. Successful applicants are offered workshops, intensive professional, technical and project management training.
Why you should apply for this graduate scheme: HP demand a real contribution from their graduate schemers. In return they offer proper investment in their successful candidates. This might be training or extra qualifications. Working at such a large company like HP gives graduates the opportunity to work on some exciting and challenging projects, especially on the IT scheme. Graduates could end up working on the latest technology or software that makes a difference or brings commercial success to HP.

1. Next - Trainee Merchandisers

Tell me about this graduate scheme: Trainee Merchandisers at Next are expected to be at the cutting edge of trends and designs. They must be analytical and organised in everything they do. To succeed they need to be able to orchestrate their work across several other teams, most notably Buyers, Designers and Suppliers. The nature of the work is fast paced so they need to be clinical in their approach to tasks, getting the work done when they can. Why you should apply for this graduate scheme: The Next Trainee Merchandiser Scheme is essential for anyone that wants to put their organisational and analytical skills to use while still nurturing their love of trends and fashion. The role is also ideal for graduates that have a passion for getting the best products out their and who really feel the buzz when they get their products in stores and see them selling well. By James Howell