#Hottestjobsintheworld - Thorntons beaten by the Beeb

This week's smoking #Hottestjobsintheworld has seen a big change from last week's Top 5. We have now got three new jobs coming into the this week's #Hottestjobsintheworld. Times are certainly looking up as companies are starting to invest more in graduates. PwC has announced it is boosting its intake by 30% this year, reflecting an overarching theme of an opportunity laden 2014 for graduates. Certainly the past few years have been difficult for graduates, however, we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel - so make sure you get your applications into these excellent opportunities and see where this year takes you.

If these jobs seem a little too mainstream for you, last week so the launch of out #UndertheRadar jobs. These are our favourite jobs that are a little bit quirky and very individual. They are ideal for graduates looking for something different in their careers and want to find their careers outside of the large scale employers.

5. Mott MacDonald - Environment Graduate Scheme

Mott MacDonald are excellent and renown graduate employers. With this scheme they are looking for graduates with real tenacity and passion to thrive in the Environment sector. The scheme is varied in its approach to helping graduates develop and wants graduates to choose and area to work in alongside its location. This includes Brighton - Environmental Impact or Environmental Science, Cambridge: Archaeology, Environmental Science, Hydrology & Water Management, Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, Croydon: Environmental Science, Environmental Monitoring & Assessment and Town Planning, Glasgow: Environmental Science and Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, Bristol: Environmental Science and Ecology (to work in our Structures team and Southampton - Environmental Science (to work in our Transport team).

With the roles being so specific, Mott MacDonald look for graduates with a 2:1 in a related field, whilst also being able to demonstrate skills such as a high numerical capability, versatility and demonstrate a logical thought path.

4. Ofgem - Graduate Development Programme

The Graduate Development Programme is an exciting scheme for bright graduates to get a taste of the Energy sector and all its disciplines. Ofgem are looking for graduates from a range of disciplines including Economics, Engineering, Business Studies, Business Management, Business Finance or other Energy or Sustainability related disciplines. Graduates are tempted to Ofgem with a generous £27,000 PA, with substantial benefits, and opportunities to grow while working on high profile tasks. The Energy regulator are keen for graduates to be passionate about the industry and keen to make a difference.

3. GCHQ - Intelligence Analyst

GCHQ, also known as Government Communications Head Quarters, are offering an extremely important and impressive job. Graduates can start with GCHQ, based in Cheltenham, as an Intelligence Analyst, protecting the UK from by examining data and being aware of threats. The role is highly analytic and requires graduates to be on the ball and attentive with their fast paced work. Alongside this, graduates need to be demonstrate excellent IT skills and an awareness of current affairs. Having strong communcation skills and team working skills will also go along way to helping you succeed when you apply for this important role.

2. Thorntons - Graduate Scheme

Last week's winner has melted back into second spot. A hugely popular scheme graduates have been queuing up to apply for this role. Thorntons are looking for graduates to be apply for one of the following schemes: manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, HR, retail trading and commercial sales. The role is based in Derbyshire, with a relocation subsidy available for those moving from far away. Graduates are given the support over 27 months to flourish in their chosen area. And with a very respectable £24,000 salary on offer, what's not to love.

1. BBC - Research Assistant

When I saw this role come on the site, I thought there is no way that it would not top the official #Hottestjobsintheworld. One of the most prestigious employers in the UK, and notoriously difficult also, are offering a role as a Research Assistant for graduates. The BBC are looking for a dynamic graduate to work with the audience department and support them in all areas of their work. Whether this is developing projects or assisting in admin work, the BBC is prepared to give you every opportunity to succeed. This includes many excellent benefits such as the the BBC Training & Development Academy which offers top class training in all areas of broadcasting.

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