Who Am I: Four questions to ask yourself before applying for a job


Before pursuing your dream job, there are some things you have to consider and reflect on before sending out your resume. Rarely do the answers come together all at once, and it may be that a little trial and error is needed first." Now help you with your job-seeking journey, we've listed a couple of guide questions for you to ask yourself.

What is My Passion?

Richard McMunn, an HSBC Bank award-winning entrepreneur and how2become's CEO, said that "you have the freedom and the power to do whatever you want in your life; so take control of it right now!" Since you'll be spending 30% of your life working, it's important to choose the career you want to retire in. With that, it's time to ask yourself what your passion really is and what you want to do in life. Do you like working with people? Are you into sports and recreational activities? Do you love writing online and on social media sites? Are you more of a traveler and likes taking pictures? Answering these questions would basically help you find what your passion is.

Once you've found it, you'll be able to know what career will best fit you. Remember that if your job is similar to your interest, you're less likely to experience stress or the burnt-out syndrome.

What Can I Offer Them?

Before your charge out or send your resume to a potential employer, it's best to ask this question: what are my skills? Well, for any job seeker, it's important to know your current skill set. For example: if you're applying for an administrative position, you might have to ask yourself if you're well-verse with Microsoft Office applications. Also, you need to gauge your hard and soft skills, which are as important as your acquired skills. Hard skills can be taught and quantified, while soft skills are your interpersonal skills; they can't be taught.

After assessing your skill set, write down your weaknesses and strengths; this will help you during your interviews. If the interviewer asks you "What can you offer us?" then, highlight your skills; these are your greatest assets and a company's most precious commodity.

Are My Core Values In Line With Theirs?

Basically, it's one of the most important questions you have to ask yourself: are my core values in line with theirs? Most of us forget to reflect on this and according to a University of Virginia Career Development Model; "understanding your own values and preferences can help you understand what types of careers might be a good fit for you." They may be only two pieces of the puzzle but it can greatly influence your future career. If you believe in respect, hard works, and strong family ties, make sure to look for companies that also have these beliefs.

Yes, a lucrative job offer is important, but at the end of the day, you should work for a company that makes you feel comfortable. Asses your core values before signing a contract.

Will I Fit In? Is Their Office Culture Similar to My Lifestyle?

Every day, you'll have to spend around 8 to 9 hours with complete strangers, co-workers, bosses, and occasional office politics. Now, if you're having a hard time thriving in that culture, it could pose as a problem. Sarah Stamboulie, a career consultant, said in a 2011 Forbes interview "It's very important to look at the culture before you start the job." How you'll fit in and mingle with the people is as important as your impending duties and workload.

As Lou Adler, author of "The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired", would put it "Culture is defined by the pace of the organization, the actual work the person is doing, whether the person finds the work satisfying or not, and the relationship the person has with his or her supervisor and the other team members."

These questions are but guides to help you find the right career for you. Always remember to find what will make you happy in the long run. Nobody can dictate what type of job will fit you; it's you who will make the final decision. Always be prepared for possible opportunities and look for a career, not just a job.

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