This week has seen the introduction of a few jobs that have displaced some of the jobs that had held tightly onto the top spots for the past few weeks. The likes of Sky, Jaguar Landrover and Airbus have fallen through the trapdoor, however at least two have managed to hold onto top 5 positions. Graduates interested in applying to these positions must understand they are popular for a reason, great jobs with great opportunities will be extremely competitive.

5. Lloyds Commercial Banking

A new addition to the top 5, it is a surprise that this role hasn't been in the top five before. The Lloyds Commercial Banking role is an opportunity for graduates to be trained and employed by a bank that boasts 30 million customers and around 300 years of heritage. The scheme is a two year programme with the aim of transforming ambitious graduates into successful local relationship managers with companies with a turnover of £1 million to £750 million. The training is over four six-month placements, one in Credit, one in Products and two in Relationship Management.

4. Barclays Opportunity in Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking is obviously a rewarding job and for graduates it can be excellent place to begin their career. This area of Barclays focuses on companies that have an annual turnover of upwards of £5 million. Successful applicants can find themselves working on one of several specialities like Client Capital Management, Client Coverage, Risk and Strategic Change Management. These will allow graduates to learn from an experienced and talented team. Barclays are not looking for any particular degree, but they want you to be the best of the best and show bags of promise and drive.

3. Volkswagen Group Graduate Scheme

This scheme has a regular in recent weeks and it is easy to see why it has moved up from fourth last week. The Volkswagen Group Graduate Scheme is mouth-watering job for any graduate. The opportunity to work with some of the world's biggest and best car manufactures is not only a great opportunity for car fanatics but any graduate that wants the opportunity to work in a brilliant company. With roles across the business, graduates can expect to learn their craft from the best, with the most successful being offered a third year to carry on working abroad.

2. Vodafone

Vodafone has been absent for a few weeks, but has returned to a rightful heady sport in this week's #Hottestjobsintheworld. The two schemes on offer are the Discover Programme and the Discover Technology Programme. The Discover Programme is looking for entrepreneurial graduates who ooze flair and can be successful business leaders for the company. The Discover Technology Programme is looking for graduates to be technically brilliant as well as innovative with a degree in Technology, Software, Electronic Engineering or something similar.

1. BP Graduate Schemes

The BP Graduate Scheme has FINALLY made it to the top spot. After several weeks of chomping at the heels of top spot, BP has finally had that push into the official #Hottestjobintheworld! The BP graduate scheme is unrivaled in terms of opportunity and investing in their staff. The oil and gas giant are always looking for young graduates to prove themselves good enough to get onto one of their many schemes and show that they will drive the business forward. Opportunities are available for graduates from practically any discipline as long as they can show they've got the ability and personal qualities that BP are looking for. See last week's here. By James Howell