More and more companies are turning to social media to entice graduates to apply. Whether it is telling them more about the scheme, showing what fun current graduates are having whilst on the scheme or just letting you know when they're open, companies are using social media to connect with graduates and bridge that gap between academia and the working world. We first gave you ten of the best employer Twitter accounts, now here is ten of the best employer Facebook accounts!

BP Careers

graduate jobs The Oil and Gas giant run an excellent Facebook page for graduates. They are interactive with their audience, regularly update to keep them informed and upload photos and videos with relevant information for graduates considering a career at BP. Whoever is in charge of BP's Facebook page makes sure they get in touch with any question or enquiry that gets posted to the page and that's quite impressive with the amount of Likes it has.

BT Graduate Careers

BT's Facebook page does really well in displaying the human side to such a big company. Regular updates from the company show representatives at graduate careers fairs, competition winners, and staff profiles. They shows that despite being a nationwide, industry leading company, they're people too. BT are careful to make sure they're as helpful as possible with the information they produce - including graduate hints and tips, interview advice and Q&As with staff.

Boots Talent Programmes

The Boots Facebook page is one of the best ones out there. They have harnessed social media in such a way that everything they post looks professional, fun and inviting. Their branding across all of social media gives off a really accomplished and trained look that reflects the company's sense of self. Boots post staff profiles, Q&As, video interviews and blogs that really go into detail about the schemes on offer.

Network Rail Graduates

One of the best things run by the Network Rail Graduates page is the live Q&A that they run. This is where employees that have made it onto the scheme are available to answer questions that are left as comments on the status. This use of social media is really effective and allows graduates to easily find out more about the graduate scheme from those that truly know.

Deutsche Bank Careers

The international bank, Deutsche Bank, utilise their social media in such a way that they manage to break down the barrier to such a large corporation. They post detailed and informative staff profiles, designed to give an element of day to day, normal job edge to it, whilst being in such a massive company.

Majestic Wine Careers

The Majestic Wine Facebook goes beyond just telling graduates about certain opportunities that are available at the wine wholesalers. Their Facebook page details the culture around the company with things like staff blogs that detail trips to vineyards across the world and the shops positioning in the local community.

Airbus Careers

The Airbus Careers Facebook page is fantastic for graduates not only interested in working for the company but for those looking to learn more about what they actually do. Airbus's page goes in to detail about projects they are working on which would be an excellent resource for anyone facing an interview or thinking about applying.

Jaguar Land Rover Careers

Looking at the Jaguar Landrover Careers Facebook page you get a tirade of information, pictures and useful tips. JLR manage to mix information on their cars and information on fairs they're attending with news they've appeared in and competitions they run. For anyone that is keen to work for this fantastic company, it would surely be a mix of feeding a graduates passion for petrol as well as offering careers advice and more information on their graduate scheme.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Jobs Europe

graduate jobs
As a global hire car firm with thousands of employees, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, like many of the other big companies on this list, utilise social media to show a personable side to the business. With regular updates about from corporate social responsibility in local communities to careers fairs and blogs, Enterprise Rent-A-Car shows itself to be much more than a car rental outlet.

EY UK Careers

Through its Facebook page, EY does its upmost to dispel the myth about dull accountants. EY try to show their professional, smart edge, whilst also uploading pictures of the interns day out, induction days or visits to universities or schools. They are also very keen to promote their opportunities and very quick to respond to any questions posed to them by graduates about the scheme. By James Howell