Back again, another Monday another list of the weeks top jobs. We have here our top five most popular jobs of the week and regular followers will not be surprised to see several familiar roles clinging on to these prized positions. While some roles have slipped down the list others have taken a late surge in applications. Either way all the roles in the week's #Hottestjobsintheworld are fantastic and promising careers for graduates to get involved in. 5. Airbus Direct Entry Graduate Programme The Direct Entry Graduate Programme from Airbus is an exciting scheme for graduates looking to join one of the biggest aviation companies on a range of programmes. Airbus are looking for graduates to enter the company working in any one of the Engineering, Programme and Project Management and support functions like Procurement, Supply Chain Logistics, Finance, HR plus many more. Over two years graduates are trained and supported in their chosen role and rewarded with a £25,000 plus salary and a 35 hour week. 4. Volkswagen Group - Graduate Scheme The Volkswagen Group's Graduate Scheme was last week's official #Hottestjobsintheworld, but has managed to hold down a top 5 spot for a second week. The scheme offers a graduate an excellent possibility to grow in one the world's largest automobile manufactures. The Volkswagen Group encourage graduates from a range of disciplines to apply, with opportunities for graduates to get to grips with projects, marketing campaigns, technical advances, sales figures and plus many more opportunities. 3. Sky - Marketing Scheme The Marketing Scheme from Sky has made a surprise return after a few weeks out of the top 5. This fantastic scheme offers graduates the chance to really learn how Marketing works from one of the best companies around. Sky's programme runs for four six-month rotations where graduates will try their hands at Brand Marketing, Trading and Strategy and Insight. The requirements to get onto this scheme is that graduates have a 2:1 or equivalent and they need to demonstrate their commitment to the company as well as demonstrating excellent communication, an analytical mind and prioritise. 2. BP - Graduate Schemes BP has been one of the most consistent in keeping a top five spot in our #Hottestjobsintheworld. The BP Graduate Programmes offer a range of entry positions in the Energy giant. Graduates can apply to positions across Engineering, Oil, Gas and many other roles that make BP the company it is today. Paying a whopping £33,000 it's no question by graduates are still flocking to the job. BP offers an intensive training and incredible support for graduates on the scheme as it is such a big company with so much to take in. 1. Mi5 Intelligence Officer Development Programme A returning winner from three weeks ago, has now taken the top spot. Mi5 went close last week making second spot, but has made it this week. The Mi5 Intelligence Officer Development Programme is perfect for graduates that are looking for a challenging, dynamic and impressive career. The scheme begins with a two year programme, after completing this graduates can be looked to work in International Counter Terrorism, Assesment, Northern Ireland, counter intelligence of cyber intelligence. The role requires a 2:2 but do not let this be misleading. Mi5 need graduates of a top level and not limiting it to 2:1 or above allows them to source the best graduates who can exhibit the best and most impressive skills. Graduates need to show diligence, confident communication, a good eye for detail and be able to solve problems. By James Howell