3 Steps for a Perfect Graduate LinkedIn

Linkedin is fast becoming the new Facebook for students but instead of showcasing all our best holiday photos, we're showcasing our biggest work experience achievements and making even the most basic job sound like a wonderland where a variety of transferable skills were achieved.

Don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that the majority of us on Linkedin feel like we've fallen down an internet rabbit hole and ended up in Wonderland because we're not exactly sure what on earth we are meant to do on it. However, whilst I'm still not entirely sure what I'm doing on Linkedin, I have received some advice on how to make my profile look as professional as possible.

1. Have a nice classy photo
Firstly, remember that Linkedin is a professional network. A picture of you causing havoc in your favourite club or any photos from THAT holiday in Ibiza, where you spent most of the time semi clothed, will not do you any favours. I've been told that in full length body shots are to be discouraged, apparently potential employers just want a nice headshot, instead of a photo at an angle which makes your bum look great.

2. Put all work experience on there
Any work experience that you have should be showcased proudly on your Linkedin profile. Remember when you volunteered in a charity shop? Well that has given you excellent customer service skills. That time you became a promoter for a nightclub? Well, that showed you how to use your initiative and gave you a great introduction to the art of sales. The job itself does not matter, it is about what you can show you gained from it.

3. Keep it separate from your social networking sites
Finally, Linkedin is a professional networking site and you should only have it linked to your Twitter and Facebook if you are 100% comfortable with a potential employer being able to see them. We have all heard of employers checking up on potential employees on social networking sites, so if you're not comfortable with that then keep them separate and ensure all your privacy settings are the highest they can be.

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