Part 1: Tall Dreams, Fat Chance
I'm Jared and I am a fairly recent graduate. I spent my three years of undergraduate bliss at Keele University studying a dual honours degree in marketing and psychology . I graduated with a first class degree in July, yet today I am still unemployed. Throughout my course at university, I was determined to venture into the world of cognitive neuropsychology. However, laying dormant beneath this desire was the dream to run my own business. Little did I know that underneath this desire, was another desire to discard my interest in psychology. After a couple of other career ideas, I am currently settled on breaking in to the advertising industry as a creative.
Half of me feels guilty admitting to this indecision, especially when considering the pressures placed on young people by the older, working generations. However, should I be pressured into misery? This may sound odd but I feel that if the task of a graduate is to scrimp around, clutching at any job opportunity available, a degree should just be a blank canvas process. However, a degree is highly specific to one industry or another, so I feel quite strongly that as a minimum I should be able to enter in to the industry I have been studying towards. That is the life I signed up for and if ever I need a reminder of this fact, I'll be sure to check the size of my debt.
I'd like to raise one another issue. A huge amount of the time, I find " graduate/junior/entry level" roles available at fantastic companies. However, these "entry level" positions demand a minimum of one year's experience. The bitter irony of this catch-22 situation does not evade me, I smile grimly every time.
Here is the deal, I am going to document my journey into the world of work from this day onwards. Despite my rant and apparent snobbery towards job applications, the truth is I have also applied to jobs that don't fit the dream description, some in fact couldn't be further from it! I have ideals but I'm not above realism. To date, I have applied to management graduate schemes, marketing graduate schemes, advertising executive positions, creative advertising positions and multiple internships and unpaid experience. I have been to open evenings, interviews and assessment days.
I know there are people reading these words who feel the same as me, who entered University under the promise of leading the future world. Yet here we sit, applying (in some cases) to jobs which also accept applications from people with only A levels. I'm no mathematician, but in that case I could have saved a lot of money.
I suspect this process will go one of two ways. Either I will remain strong and look back from my dream job, constantly pleased that I remained so focused. However, sadly I think the truth is closer to watching as my determination dissolves and I eventually end up with a job I took just so that I had SOMETHING.
Wish me luck,
Jared. Jared's story will be updated regularly on our blogs page.