Choosing a Career


Choosing a graduate career and which sector to work in is one of the biggest decisions a person ever makes in his or her life. Most of your waking life will be spent working in your choice of occupation, so when choosing your sector you should be asking yourself two main questions; 'Can I do it?' and 'Will I enjoy it?'

The first question can be answered quite easily. Your degree should cater somewhat to the sector you are opting for (although if you did a non-vocational degree then this doesn't have to be specifically attributable). Hobbies and extra-curricular activities will also give you an idea of whether you are capable of carrying out expected tasks but really it boils down to you knowing your own strengths and weaknesses.

'Will I enjoy it?' is a harder question to answer because it involves a lot of foresight. Many jobs can sound exciting at first just because they are something different to what you are doing now and this is especially true for graduates who have been studying for their entire life so far. It may also be rare to find a graduate job where every day is packed full of exhilaration and glamour however it is very possible to get a job in which you take pride.

This is the real way to determine whether you will be satisfied with your job, by determining if it is something you care about, something you will have passion for, and something you will take pride in. When you care about your results you care about your work and it makes all the difference to how much you enjoy doing that work.

For those who are completely amiss as to where to place their first foot in the world of work then first remind yourself that you are by no means alone. Many people are quite unaware of the direction they should be heading right up until the first day of a job they fall into. Also remember that your first graduate job is not your only, doors have not been shut off completely. If you work in that sector for a while and find out that it is not for you then you can by all means switch to something else, find something you like and proceed to settle and advance that career path.

For example, if you have completed a History degree you can apply this to a wide array of sectors. There are jobs in advertising, human resources, management, PR, media, education and finance that are available to you, to name a few. It may be somewhat of a trial and error process but it is simply about finding the sector that suits your abilities.

Choosing your first graduate job can be daunting for some but it is not something that is set in stone. Your first graduate job is about settling in and finding the niche that you feel the most comfortable in and produce the best results.

Apply for your first graduate job today or if you have already begun your career and enjoy it, look to further your progress.

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