Last night I dreamt I freed an oppressed nation from a dictatorship, all from the roof of a prison. Clearly my subconscious thinks I'm someone else, all I really want to do is to break into the advertising industry. Perhaps I've graduated, I have my beautiful degree and all the hard work is over, now for the easy part. No, my mistake, everything else was the easy part, jobs just do not land in your lap. So what are the options now?
- Set your goal. Doesn't that seem obvious? It is. The truth is you need to aim for something in order for the rest to fall into place. So I want to work in advertising, I've done my research and I can see the multiple routes into my dream career.
- An employer is most definitely going to look at your CV and decide if you have had the right experiences for this position. Therefore, do not sit at home for months on end doing nothing. For every second that you are not in your dream job, you could be doing things to prepare yourself.
- Volunteer! You do not need to give 7 days a week of your time, you can have a part time job and a couple of days per week volunteering to do something that will look good to an employer. I volunteer twice a week in a local creative agency, just helping out. It's the sort of thing that will make me to stand out.
Some people do not really know what they want to do, they may apply to lots of graduate schemes and jobs in order to get a career going. Good luck to you all! However, some people like myself have a very clear idea of what they want and whilst volunteering is beneficial to everyone, it is these people who could really benefit. Honing your experiences and responsibilities can only ever be extremely impressive! I understand how frustrating it is not to have a job now you've graduated. The truth is, it sucks. Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and open new doors. It's been so beneficial for me that I just want to encourage you to look up local companies and get emailing!
Best of luck,