Following on from the rigorous application regime, ( See my last Blog) you will most definitely be rewarded with interviews. Be warned, this is not an indication that the job is " basically yours." This may be stage two of the employment process, but it's a great example of one of those "so near yet so far" scenarios. Here are a few pointers that I would greatly have appreciated being told in advance of my interview experiences, (some of which I WAS told).
  1. Prepare like this is the last thing you will ever do. I'm talking know the industry news and the company inside-out kind of preparation.
  2. You may be very lucky and have a friendly chat with a manager from your dream company. Then again, you may be faced with a series of challenges, tests, multiple interviews and a presentation, (this is far more likely for graduate positions).
  3. Practise any presentations to make sure they fit the allotted time.
  4. I promise you that at some point, someone will say, "any questions?" To which you may sit there and politely smile and shake your head, as if to indicate how informative the staff have been already. Reality check, the person next to you will ask a stellar question, which not only lets them shine out as the perfect candidate, but also appears as a genuine enquiry. Think about this in advance, what questions do you genuinely want someone to answer, but think brutally, what answer would most help you in your next interview?
  5. Be sociable, as regimented as interviews can seem, if the opportunity arises make sure you chat away with any members of staff you can. A great impression will last.
Here's the deal, after all that you might still not get the job. Yes, that sucks and yes it's happened to me. What can we do about this? Sulk? Absolutely not, move on instantly. There are two EXTREMELY useful things you can get from an interview and every person there will get AT LEAST one of them.
The first useful thing, is the next interview or the job. However, the second useful thing is the experience. Yes, you may feel deflated that you haven't been successful this one time, but the truth is you've just got a full day's worth of expertise from people who do the job you want. Everyone will always tell you that practise makes perfect and I promise you that is very true. Be very open minded when you approach any interview situation. On the one hand there's a great chance this job is yours. However, on the other hand it wasn't meant to be, so absorb everything you can. One day you will sit and laugh at all the experiences you went through just to get your first job….apparently. To get more interview tips Click Here .